About SFA

What is Starfleet Academy?
Fictionally, the Academy is the training ground for Starfleet cadets, where the next generation of officers develop their skills and knowledge. In the real world (you know, the "big blue room with the white puffy things on the ceiling"), SFA is also the training grounds for the Starfleet International's brightest and most productive officers.

The Academy programs are taught by and directed by dedicated individuals who are here to answer your questions, provide advice and oversee your development as a member of the premiere group in fandom. Each course provides valuable insight into either Starfleet, Trek trivia, and/or real life activities.

How do I apply to the Academy?
You can find application forms for SFA in your membership packet, in The Academy Monitor, or on this website, in our Applications section. Complete the form, and mail it to the director of the course you wish to take, along with the required payment and any additional materials (SASE's, postage, etc.) You can make payment using checks, money orders (NO CASH).

You can also apply online using the Online Academy.

What's new at the Academy?
We've got a new Commandant and many new staff members. View our staff listings. We've also got a brand-new site, as you can see, and a lot of expanded services with more on the way in the months to come.

Check out more in the SFA News and Announcements.




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