History of SFA

Growth and Turmoil: 1989-1996

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom." George Washington Carver

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." Albert Einstein

As we continue on our journey down Starfleet Academy's memory lane. We look forward to viewing that journey through the years of the Maddox, Lerman, and the following Administrations. The Academy we know today, was basically formed during the Steve Smith Administration (see Article in CQ 110), but that framework continued to grow during the following administrations. By the Mike Smith era, the Academy was ready for an explosive growth, and the framework, received details that we are currently using, the Cadet Schools, the four Institutes, and the many membership services that make the Academy one of the two most popular aspects of Starfleet International.

This issue we will look at two eras: the Maddox/Lerman/McGinnis era, and the Smith and Rickard eras. Each of the administrations had many positives and some negatives, but that is history, and we will take a quick look at all five administrations. So, without further ado let us begin.

Following the confusion of the 1988 election Jeannette Maddox, took office with her new team. On that team was now Admiral Rob Lerman as Director of Starfleet Academy. Their first CQ, #31 for Feb-Mar 1989, listed on the back cover the Starfleet Academy Staff. This included Post Graduate School East Director - Captain Eric Johnson, PGS-West - Captain Dail Koehler, College of Medicine - Captain Peter Lutz, Security School Captain Beth Lipes, Computer Education School - Captain Sharon Ann Campbell, with the Senior Captain Network run by Admiral Rob Lerman, and the Academy Alumni Association by Captain Marlene Miller.

The following issue April-May, Admiral Lerman some staff changes, with Carollynn Montgomery taking over SACOM, Marlene Miller taking over the Vulcan Academy of Sciences, and Commodore Janis Moore taking over the Senior Captain's Network from, so he could focus on the Academy as a whole. In addition, the CQ Personnel File highlighter Rob that month and talked about his career in Fleet, and his other hobbies including something called real life where he worked as an Engineer at a Sacramento Radio Station.

In the June-July issue, The Computer Education Program changed its name to the College of Computer Sciences. In the Aug/Sept issue it was explained that the new Officer Command College had been delayed, and that Commanding Officers must take the test within 90 days of its first becoming available. It was also mentioned that over 400 OTS exams had been processed since the school reopened. Turn around time on tests was approximately 10 days. The Oct/Nov issue informed the membership that Pips & Squeaks #7 (The Alumni Association newsletter) had been mailed out. Commodore Moore, also commended contributions to the Senior Captain network by RAdm Linda Neighbors, RAdm Janis Moore, Comm. Robert Hilton, and RAdm Karen Emerson. In CQ 36, Captain Miller turned over the Alumni Association over to Commander Deborah Roberts, and Commander David Forvendel was announced to be the Director of the Officer Training School, with 110 graduates in the just one month, that of December 1989.

By April/May of 1990, another new college was added, the Starfleet Marine College under Lt. Colonel Scott A. Akers. The now Rear Admiral Janice Moore also announced that the Senior Captain's Network was on hold, as it was being revised. The Vulcan Academy of Science also announced that in the previous year there had been 113 graduates, 69 of which had 100% Honors scores. In June of 1990, two more schools were opened. The much anticipated Officer Command College under the leadership of newly promoted Captain David Forvendel, with Janice Moore taking over OTS, and the College of Communications taught by past CQ Editor Admiral Jack Fields. Additional schools in the works were the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Engineering. With CQ 40 being the first of the magazine format, there was much more room for information, but this issue contained information on the Scholarship Program, the need for a new director, and an article highlighting two of the scholarship winners, James Ludvigson of the USS Malaspina and Ursula Szmulowics of the USS Polaris, (Ursula decided to attend the best school in these United States, Duke University in Durham, North Carolina). In issue 41 at the end of 1990 the Academy introduced another new school, the Chaplain/Counselor Corps College under Commander M. Price Oswalt. While tuition was $5.00 the materials received were extraordinary.

Issue 42, the Holiday/New Years Issue celebrated the upcoming nuptials of Admiral Lerman and his bride to be Kim Davis who planned on being married in a NON-TREK wedding in April of the 1991 year. In issue 44, as a Wedding Present to Admiral Lerman and his bride, Fleet Admiral Maddox placed the now growing Starfleet Marine presence under the direct authority of the Academy, oh my J. In addition Scott Akers moved up within the SFMC to their #3 position, and turned over the Marine College to Joe "Dances with Squirrels" Maurantonio. In June of 1991, (CQ 45), the Academy announced that to comply with the IRS and the incorporation of the organization, all academy fees had to got through Starfleet and one of Fleet's bank accounts, henceforth all of the individual director's costs were to be paid for by Starfleet HQ, with some complaining that HQ was making spurious decisions on what was and was not a legitimate expense, while others had no problems at all with the new system. Another complaint was that all Academy courses were going to cost $3.00, even those that had previously been free or only a dollar in cost before. However, at this time the concept of the Academy Voucher was introduced, following a suggestion by fleet member G. Chen of New York. This voucher concept is still being used today, with much popularity. About this time, our very own Peg Pellerin (then still a Captain) became the Director of the OTS program. She requested in CQ 46, that anybody who had taken OTS up to that point from any of the previous directors to copy their diploma and send her the copy, as she was trying to build up a database of all the OTS graduates to date. By the time of CQ 47, three new changes happened on the staff of the Academy, Captain Kim Lerman had taken over the operations of OCC, Anita Davis (later the Vice Commander, Starfleet) was running the Post Graduate School, and sadly the Chaplain/Counselor College was closed for a period of time.

To start off the new year of 1992, the Academy lost a program, the Alumni Association, and gained a program, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers under the leadership of Commodore Eric Anderson of Region 6, and the Academy of Starfleet Engineering under the directorship of Lt. Commander John Sellers. In CQ 50, the academy celebrated the rebirth of the Cadet School under the leadership of Lt. Diana Morgan of California with three basic courses and one advanced course in each of 7 different fields of study. CQ 51, presented for the first time, a full page generic Academy Application that could be used to apply to whichever school you were interested in, then those schools could send you the information thereafter. In the August Issue (CQ 52) there were two pieces of news. First, the birth of the new Starfleet College of History was announce with Denise Duggan to be the director. Secondly, the announcement of the birth of Timothy Robert Lerman first child for Rob and Kim Lerman. An outstanding way to increase membership. In the year end issue CQ 54, the Academy had some more changes, Admiral Rob Lerman would be promoted to Fleet Admiral, as he had won the election for Commander, Starfleet. His wife Kim would step down at the Officer's Command College and was succeeded by Carolyn Cook. The College of Communications would be closed as well with Admiral Jack Fields becoming the new Chief of Communications. Rear Admiral Lori Anne Brown of Florida would be Fleet Admiral Lerman's choice to be the new Director of the Starfleet Academy. Finally, it was announced that a new would be opening, the College of Federation Studies under Commander Sherry Hopper.

In all the four years of the Maddox Administrations were immensely successful at the Starfleet Academy. New Programs, Massive Participation, and Dedicated Service by all of the Volunteer Directors. An example set, and to be followed by Administrations and Directors to come.

As the transition from Jeannette to Rob Lerman began, Rear Admiral Lori Anne Brown took charge of the Academy in a smooth change of command. In CQ 55, an apology was issued for the School of Engineering being closed and it was announced that it had been reopened. The previous administrations handling of the reimbursements to the college directors had met with controversy, but in the end the situations were themselves resolved. In CQ 56, the renamed Marine Academy was spotlighted with the announcement by its director Colonel Joe Maurantonio, that the staff of the Marine Academy had expanded to include four assistants, Bob Bell, Angela Smith, Kaye Downing, and Bruce Sommer. Also in that issue, was an announcement by Admiral Sue Hampton about the status of the Scholarship Program and that it had expanded to a total of eight different Scholarships. CQ 57 announced quite a few changes, both the Security School and the School of Engineering positions were now vacant and looking for new leadership. The College of Communications was now being led by Lt. Commander Gary Homberg of Ohio. And another new school had opened, the SFA School of Linguistics under the leadership of Captain Spence Hill of Utah. Also it was explained that tuition would once again be paid directly to the School Directors a change from the Maddox administration. Denise Duggan of the College of History also posted that she was looking for SFA Professors of History to help with the development of more courses in that school. Finally a listing of the 1992 Honor graduates was presented to TWENTY-TWO different students from throughout fleet. WOW! CQ 58, which was the Tex-Trek issue, announced the appointment of then Captain Robert Westfall as the new security school director. In that issue Officer's Command College led by Carolyn Cook was the spotlighted school of the month. 1993 ended with a few announcements in CQ 59. First, the School of Engineering had a new director in the person of Lt. Commander Cheryl Lowe of New Jersey. Secondly, the College of History would be closed while Denise Duggan gave birth to her first child, and the Cadet School was closed for reorganization. The spotlighted school of the month was the College of Federation Studies under the leadership of Sherry Hopper.

1994 began with CQ 60 announcing that Lori Anne Brown the Director of Starfleet Academy had been promoted to Vice Admiral. In CQ 61 (May of 94), Applications were requested for new directors for the College of History and the College of Medicine. The College of Communications also had a new director, Commander Laura Begley of Kentucky. The Marine Academy which had formerly been provided to SFA by the separate organization, Starfleet Marines International, was closed for it reorganization as the SFA Special Warfare College, which would include not only Marine material but also Ranger and Fighter Squadron courses. The relationship between Starfleet and SMI, had been always been a rocky one since the birth of SMI, and by mid-1994 relations were severed. SMI, which had grown out of SFMC to be an umbrella organization for Star Trek Marines fans across fandom, was unfortunately cut off by its parent SFMC, and went its own way. By September of 94, Issue 63 indicated that the vacancies above had been filled, Commander Kelly Green of Nevada had taken over the College of History, and Captain Michael Hess of Pennsylvania had reopened the College of Medicine. In addition a new school, the College of Liberal Arts, started by Commander S. Adam Day opened its doors. In the year-end, and final issue of the Communiqué of the Lerman administration, Commodore Barbara Cotton (now Barbara Paul) was named acting Director of the College of Federation Studies when Sherry Hopper moved on. Lori Anne Brown who had served admirably as Director the entire Lerman administration was promoted to full Admiral upon her retirement from that hardworking position.

In 1995 the McGinnis Administration came into office, and began changing most of Starfleet around, and this included the Academy. First Fan, Bjo Trimble was made the new Commandant of the Starfleet Academy (changing the title from Director of the SFA). All schools were closed until February 1st for review, and the voucher system was re-instituted with all tuition once again going to a central location. The Scholarship program in its entirety was put under the Academy, and Bjo planned on appointing two directors to help with that project. Finally, several school directors had retired at the end of 1994 thus giving Bjo a lot of work to do, to get the Academy back up to steam.

In CQ 68, Bjo announced a price increase for all Academy Courses of at least one dollar, in exchange there would no longer be a requirement to include SASEs. In addition, the Marine College/Special Warfare College was eliminated, a lot of this was from Mr. McGinnis's long standing antipathy towards the SFMC, but life did go on for both the Academy and the Corps, just ironic considering under Fleet Admiral Maddox the Corps was placed under the administration of the Academy. In addition Helen Pawlowsi was appointed Dean of the Academy, essentially Bjo's right hand woman.

CQ 69 (June-July 1995) had Bjo covering some more administrative matters for the Academy. This included promotions for some of the school directors, address changes to highlight that the Starfleet Command club members could not use SFI courses to demand promotion credits in their club. That the Security School was closing until a new director was found. The Special Warfare College would remain closed until a curriculum was developed that de-emphasized the military aspects of the program. Helen Pawlowski's position as Vice Commandant of the academy was confirmed. In addition it was determined that only "canon" sources (that broadcast by Paramount) would be acceptable in the future for SFA course development, and that "fair use" copying of obscure references would no longer be allowed.

In CQ 70, Bjo had to reverse the SASE policy, SASEs were once again required, however the higher prices for the courses were kept in place. There were some grumblings from the course directors that they were not getting reimbursed in a timely manner if at all, for course expenses. A very nice write up on Captain Helen Pawlowski was included in this issue. New schools announced included the College of Survival Skills headed by Commander Carol Thompson (who still runs it today) and the School of Tactical Operations by Captain Paul Dyl, and the School of Interspecies Studies by Lt. Alan Dearnley.

CQ 72, (January 1996) opened up the new year with a few short announcements, three of the School Directors had resigned. Access for special education students was begun with a project led by Chris Higdon and Michalene Biber to make the courses more inclusive of special needs students. Bjo announced that she had not yet approved any books for use as references in SFA courses. Finally Bjo passed on the good news that long time SFA staffer Barbara Cotton had gotten married to Bill Paul.

CQ 73, had Bjo trying to recruit a plethora of staffers including a SFA Board of Directors, SFA Registrar, SFA Archivist/Librarian. She also advised that with her then recently diagnosed illnesses she would be stepping down as Commandant of the Academy, while at the same time campaigning to remove the Commandant's position from the Executive Committee, while a violation of the then (and current) constitution, Bjo felt it important that the Academy's head should be independent of the political system, and hence independent of the elected Commander, Starfleet's mandated oversight and control. In addition, the Security School was once again without a Director, while four new courses were approved elsewhere in the Academy.

CQ 75, following the absence of Academy information in CQ 74, had the appearance of the new acting Commandant, Paul Dyl reporting in on the state of the academy. He named Bjo to remain as his Special Advisor, leaving Helen Pawlowski as Deputy Commandant, and Sherry Ann Newell as Dean of the Academy.

CQ 76, in August/September of 1996, was the last McGinnis era CQ to be published, and even then, only the RC's got copies. But Fleet Capatin Dyl was able to make a report to the fleet on the status of the Academy. Notable information was the "temporary" closing of schools as many directors left for "personal reasons", notable among these, were the refusal of the McGinnis Administration to reimburse directors for their costs, as well as many directors feeling unable to serve under the increasingly corrupt administration of Mr. McGinnis. Security School had to be run by Paul Dyl's chapter, College of History closed, Cadet School closed, and even Post Graduate School, the third oldest program in SFA, was permanently shut down my the acting Commandant.

For the Academy which had begun with so much promise, and grown so far during the Maddox Administration, the last half of 1996 were a dark time indeed. Like the rest of Starfleet, the Academy was feeling the effects of the corruption in the center seat. While Mr. McGinnis's EC tried valiantly to hold it together in every department, they were constantly undermined and often fired by the Commander, Starfleet. Commandant Dyl, felt that taking absolute control of the Academy would be one method of keeping it afloat, so he devised a scenario where by redrawing the logos of each school, placing these logos on the covers of each course booklet, he could claim copywrite ownership of same, and that Starfleet would have to accept him as the owner of all SFA courses. It was a sad and dark time indeed.

Beginnings: 1974-1988

Growth and Turmoil: 1989-1996

SFA Lives Long and Prospers: 1997-Present



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