History of SFA

SFA Lives Long and Prospers: 1997-Present

A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success. - Robert Orben

Commodore Paul Dyl was trying his very best to hold the Academy together, but with the corruption from above, his more control-oriented tactics were met with opposition, hostility, and rejection. Paul attempt to consolidate all of the Academy materials under his control to 'protect' the Academy was completely rejected, and in the end, he left fleet for awhile, trying to make sense of the fact that he was trying to help fleet, and instead he had angered most of his peers at the Academy.

With the incoming Smith administration came the return of an old familiar face Fleet Admiral Rob Lerman, had returned to help resurrect the Academy. With him were many familiar faces who stuck around through all the bad times, Peg Pelerin, Helen Pawlowski, Carolyn Donner, RAdm Sharon Ann Campbell, Cmdr. Brian Dougherty, Comm. Sherry Anne Newell, Capt. Carol Thompson, RAdm. Marlene Miller, and Cmdr James W. Lee, just to name a few.

In the following months a few schools, opened, and few closed, notable was the departure of the attempted reopening of the Marine College, into an independent facility, providing courses directly from the SFMC, and not from the SFA.

In the August/September issue of the CQ (#82), Rob Lerman made a report to the fleet, which included: the cessation of the sale of Academy Vouchers, closing of some schools, and the development of others. The Schools that were closed for a while were: College of Communications, Cadet School, the College of Trade and Commerce (sorry Ferengi), and the College of Command Studies. Rob also was actively soliciting applications for the Communications and Cadet schools. In addition Rob announced that a Post Graduate School similar to the one that existed before the McGinnis administration, and a School of Paranormal Studies were being developed.

In the January 97 / December 98 issue of the CQ (#84), we were introduced to Rob Lerman's successor at the Academy, Commodore Mandi Herrmann, who had just moved over from Membership Processing. Mandi had announced she had received all the records and that she had enlisted the help of Vice Commandant Carolyn Donner (who had been serving as Acting Commandant) in sorting out quite a lot of confusion in them. Mandi also had decided that some changes needed to be made to help the Academy keep up with its growth. Included with this was the SFA website now found on the Internet, She thanks to Captain Greg Staylor, Security School Director and Captain Tom Restivo, the new Special Assistant to the Commandant, for working together and getting this site fully functional, and plans were made to have as many SFA courses online (ie available via email) as possible as an option for those members with online access. Mandi was also looking at a few ways to improve the communications and flow of information in the Academy between directors and between members as well. Mandi was also going to re-institute the Academy Honors Program. Starting with the next names of honor graduates would be appearing. Likewise, at each IC, she would present a Dean's List and give out certificates to the finest Academy students.

In CQ 85, Mandi made some more announcements, first off she was able to tell us that the College of Command Studies, the Cadet School, and the College of Trade & Commerce were opening. Also in the works were two new schools-the School of STARFLEET History (a history of our own organization) and a Klingon Warrior Academy. Mandi also made the announcement that the Academy had had a slight internal re-structuring. Dividing the Academy into "Institutes" much like a real university. Each "Institute" would be led bya veteran Academy director holding the title of "Dean" as well. The Deans would serve as advisors and would help in the selection of all new Academy directors. Also, each Dean would help select those students deserving of special Academy recognition for exceptional academic performance. Following was the announced setup:

Institute of Leadership
Dean: Peg Pellerin, Director of OTS
Schools: OTS, OCC, FOS, Cadet School, and College of Command Studies

Institute of Technology
Dean: Marlene Miller, Director of VAS
Schools: Computer History, Engineering, Medicine, VAS, Radio School

Institute of Arts
Dean: Carolyn Donner, Director of COC
Schools: Communications, Federation Studies, Language Studies, History

Institute of Military Studies
Dean: Greg Staylor, Director of Security School
Schools: Starship Operations, Security School, Survival Studies

Mandi then announced the FIFTY-FOUR honor graduates for the 4th quarter 1997. Each student scored a 95% or better on their course work. Congratulations of a job well done, (well done indeed) was given. Finally Mandi announced the formation of the Australian campus of the Starfleet Academy to be run by Jennifer and Alan Yates on behalf of the long distance members in Region Eleven.

In CQ 86, Mandy continued by announcing the Deans List from the first two months of 1998, this list included fifty-nine students, THREE more received double honors, and one student Steve Turner received TRIPLE honors for that period. Announced was the opening of the College of Command Studies and the three part Klingon Warrior Academy the latter under the leadership of Greg Franklin. There wa an updated Academy brochure available from Tom Restivo, Special Assistant. The Academy awards would be ready to be presented at the IC in Lubbock over July 4th weekend. Those on the Dean's List stood a good chance for earning such honors as Honor Student of the Year.

In CQ 87, Mandi continued by announcing the Deans List from the second two months of 1998, this list included forty-six students, two more received double honors, and two students Steve Turner, (again) and Edith received TRIPLE honors for that period. Announced was the reopening of the Cadet School, under the leadership of Ben Redding who had gotten some really great ideas for the younger members of Starfleet! There will be plenty of fun stuff, but some educational material as well. Tammy Willcox, Chief of Special Services and Editor of the Award-winning Short Circuit of the USS Maat, had has been selected as director of the College of Trade & Commerce. Finally, Michelle DuBose, of the Spiritwolf in Region Three would be the director for the College of Chapter Development. Providing "How To" courses that will be provided for CO's, XO's and others interested in chapter health. Mandi was gearing up for IC 98 in Lubbock, Texas that July where each school would recognize their top two students. Also, the top four students (one from each Institute) would be awarded the Academy's highest honor, being inducted into Red Squad, the elite cadet squadron.

In CQ 88, Mandi listed the Red Squad members who were recognized at the International Conference in Lubbock, TX, as well as the top 2-3 students from each school. The Red Squad members were: RED SQUAD MEMBERS Steve Turner (Cascade Station, ** Red Squad Leader, Region 4) had taken over 30 SFA courses in the past year. Edith Padgett, (Charleston, Region 1) who was called Miss Academy on her chapter. Larry Jones (Morning Star, Region 12) was another one of the Academy's most active students. He had earned honors in many courses and earned the highest honors in each level of the School of Language Studies. While Krystal Harper (Columbus , Region 1) didn't earn recognition as the top student in any one course, she truly deserved this honor. Why? Krystal was an Ensign assigned to the USS Columbus in Region One. She was one of their most active members and had been for 3 years. She enjoyed taking Academy courses and loved to appear in costume of just about any Trek era at Columbus events. She was also just about ready to send her OC C test in for grading after having scored a 94% on OTS. Now, why would she deserve this honor of Red Squad? Well, Krystal was only 10 years old at the time . Yes, 10 years old. She was very adament about not getting any "adult" assistance on her academy courses. Red Squad recognizes excellence in the Academy. INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR Sherry Newell, School of Language Studies Chapter: Morning Star, Region 12. SCHOOL OF THE YEAR Vulcan Academy of Sciences - Marlene Miller, Director The Vulcan Academy of Sciences was recognized as the jewel in the crown of Starfleet Academy.

In CQ 89, Mandi reported some changes at Academy headquarters, FCapt Tom "Little Guy" Restivo, formerly the Special Assistant to the Commandant had been given a "promotion" of sorts to the position of Deputy Vice Commandant and third in charge of the Academy. Tom would still be in charge of keeping the Application and the Brochure up to date as well as coordinating with Greg Staylor on the upcoming update to the SFA website. As for the Vice Commandant position, it became vacant when Carolyn Donnor recently won the election for Regional Coordinator of the First Fleet assuming her place on the Admiralty Board, Mandi then announced the position opening and asked for applicants to turn apply by November 15th.. STARFLEET Academy regretted that there had been some issues surrounding the College of Medicine and the College of Federation Studies. Cmdr Wayne Lee Killough, Jr., stepped in to take over SACOM from Kevin West as Acting Director. Some new courses in the works for Starfleet Academy include the Counselors College, the School of Literature, and possibly a School of Intelligence.

In CQ 90, Mandi wished all happy holidays and that she would be announcing the new Vice Commandant of the Academy in the upcoming CSR and in the next CQ. She also announced that Wayne Lee Killough, the interim director, was now the permanent. A few new colleges would be opening for business soon as well, including the School of Literature and the Counselor's College opening soon. Also, the Starfleet Academy website had been updated with a whole new look. Greg Staylor being the Academy webmaster had done a good job on the recent update. Mandi also apologized for not posting a dean's list, due to a serious sports related injury that required 5 months of rehab. She did promise that the Dean's List would appear in the next issue and would include everyone from the past couple of months! This was followed by a profile of VULCAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE GRADUATE Edith Padgett, whose exemplary work at VAS was an example to all of Starfleet.

Mike Smith Redux

In CQ 91 we had Fleet Admiral Mike Smith returning as Commander Starfleet but in breaking news, Mandi having to step down as Commandant. With her real life job requiring her to travel more and more (you got to hate when real life gets in the way of Fleet J) Mandi felt that it would better serve the Academy if someone who had more time would serve as Commandant, so reluctantly Fleet Admiral Smith accepted her resignation. Marlene Miller was named acting Commandant, until a final decision would be made on Mandi's replacement. Marlene had just been named Vice-Commandant after serving as head of the Vulcan Academy of Science for ten years as well as the current Dean of the Institute of Technology. Another sad report was that the The Klingon Warrior Academy, was temporarily closed due to the director leaving Starfleet. Accepting applications for this position were being solicited. The Academy hoped to offer many more courses online very soon. Mandi had created a task force to work on this project, including a wide-range of people from all over Starfleet with good advice, web/internet experience, and good old fashion common sense. Including: Liz Woolf (Region 7), Jill Rayburn (Region 1), David McCabe (Region 1), Steve Durette (Region 13), and Nick Greene (Region 1). Along with Tom Restivo, Marlene Miller, and Mandi, they would be working on a way to offer Academy courses online for members who wish to take schools in that fashion. Reassurances were offered that all courses would still be offered via US Mail as well. She went further saying that: "I just think we can utilize both forms of communication for the best interests of the membership. It allows better accessibility for international members, could increase recruitment, control costs, and should a school director resign, hopefully the school could continue to accept students.

In CQ 92 FAdm Mike Smith, the Commander, STARFLEET, an- nounced that Marlene Miller, former Vice Commandant and current Acting Commandant of the STARFLEET Academy, had been appointed the Commandant of STARFLEET Academy. FAdm Smith said, "Marlene's many many many years of experience as a STARFLEET Academy School Director, as well as her demonstrated ability to work on the International level as STARFLEET Treasurer, are key assets for the continued growth of the Academy." Commandant Miller would be joined by a pair of Vice Commandants, Fleet Captain Tom Restivo, and brevet Fleet Captain Joe Podesta. FCapt Restivo had been appointed Vice Commandant/Administration acting as a conduit for School Directors and students, and be Marlene's "Guy Friday" for paperwork issues. Tom had served in the Academy for quite some time, as Deputy Vice Commandant and before that as a Special Assistant to the Commandant. Commander Joe Podesta, commanding officer of the Shuttle Starlord in Region 7, and Special Assistant to the Commander, STARFLEET, was appointed Vice Commandant/Electronic Services, and granted a brevet promotion to the rank of Fleet Captain. Joe's role in his new job would be overseeing the Academy web site and bringing the Academy further into the online community.

In CQ 93, Marlene started by thanking WebMaster Greg Staylor in making the Online Academy a reality as well as Tom Restive and Joe Podesta for being her Right- Hand and Left-Hand Men, Helping the Academy to continue to grow and prosper right on into the 21st Century. Two new Deans were named: Rear Admiral Sharon Ann Campbell, Dean of the Institute of Technology, and Rear AdmiralSherry Anne Newell, Dean of the Institute of Arts. Both long-time Academy Directors who slipped smoothly into their new chairs. Also announced was that several new schools had opened: School of Strategy and Tactics (SOST) Director, Captain Sanford Berenberg, College of Literature (SCOL) Director, Brigadier General Jill Rayburn, Starfleet CounselorÕs College (SCC) Director, Commodore Helen Pawlowski, School of Music (SOM) Director, Rear Admiral Sherry Anne Newell, and the Acrocademy (SA) Director, Captain Mike Wilkerson. Also to open as soon as possible are the Cadet School and College of Chapter Development. In breaking news, the Klingon Warrior Academy and College of Communications were re-opened under the leadership of Debra (Deb) Kern as KWA Director and Michael Anderson as CoC Director. QAPLA!

With the next issue of the Communiqué (#94), the Dean's List was back! Each month, in their monthly report to the Academy Commandant, each Director logs the names of students who have achieved Honors in their schools. The primary prerequisite for the Dean's List is a score of at least 100%. In the Dean's List from April - August, 1999: 51 different members received Dean's Lists mention, in addition, three members received double honors: Boyd Jackson, Maud Freidfelder, and Susan Goodwin. James Monroe from the Centurion received FOUR Dean's List mentions. And one student Larry Goodman received SIX TOTAL Dean's List Honors. In addition at the 99 IC in Charlotte, NC, Commodore Tom Restivo, presented the Red Squad Honors to twenty-seven different students with Red Squad Member of the Year Honors going to Larry Goldman - USS Rhyanna, R-3. The School of the Year was the College of Computer History, and the Director of the Year was Helen Pawlowski. Congratulations, one and all!

CQ 95 had few brief notes on the International aspect of the Academy, as well highlights on new Deans Sharon Ann Clark and Sherry Newell. In addition there was also an article on the very important Starfleet Scholarship Program run by former VCS Admiral Sue Hampton. This program provides scholarships to deserving students who are also Starfleet members.

CQ 96 with the new "Wallace-Roithinger" format listed the previous two month's Honor Graduates - 12 students with Honors, three with Double Honors, one: Kurt Roithinger with Triple Honors, and TWO students: both Edith Padgett and Tina Walker having QUADRUPLE Honors, WOW!!!. In addition the announcement that the Australian Campus had opened offering OTS, OCC and FOS was made with Elizabeth Worth and Alan Yates being the Australian Directors.

CQ 97 began with an announcement that the OnLine Academy for STARFLEET Academy was now up and operational on the SFA web site (www.sfi-sfa.com). Having a direct link on the main page and operational as of March 1st. The Online Project Team responsible for this undertaking included Vice-Commandant - Electronic Services Joe Podesta, Jr, Main Webmaster and Development Coordinator Greg Staylor, Web Maintenance Coordinator Bob Mulvey, OnLine Documentation and Database Coordinator Wade Hoover, and OnLine Voucher Contact Carol Thompson. The first course available is the Basic Course from Security School, with all four courses in Basic Survival School in the College of Survival Studies to follow. Additionally, development of OTS for the Online Academy was supposed to be underway. Eventually most of the Academy courses will be available OnLine.

Carol Thompson is the OnLine Voucher Contact Students will purchase OnLine Voucher(s) by sending check or money order to Carol (or in the future, charges OnLine Voucher(s) on a web site page). Courses would be one voucher code ($ 1.00 US dollars), but if students wished a hardcopy diploma (in addition to a printable diploma file) they would be charged for two voucher codes ($ 2.00 US dollars).

In CQ 98, Marlene made the following announcements: The College of Cultural Anthropology was now opened under the leadership of Sherry Anne Newell. Academy Away Teams under the leadership of Jill Rayburn would be visiting Regional Summits in Regions 1, 2, 12, and 17, with plans to attend the Summits at Regions 3, 6, 13 as well as the Western Conference. The Ship's Counselor College was holding a name the book contest. Ben Redding was in full swing on rebuilding the Cadet Academy with the assistance of many other members of Starfleet. The College of History was also reopened under the leadership of Debbie Butcher of the USS Carolina. The Overseas Campus of SFA now included Canadian and Dutch campuses with translations into French and Dutch of select Academy materials. Finally a listing of the Honor Graduates over the last four months included fourteen new honorees, including Nancy Lynch with double honors.

CQ 99 had a full page listing of ALL of the graduates of the Academy's schools the previous period. This showed fleet not only all of the schools available to fleet members, but also all of the students taking advantage of what was more and more considered the most fun aspect offered by Starfleet International. Marlene also gave news on the expansion of the Canadian Campus, the roles of the Academy Away Teams, and the newest opening the Starfleet College of Humor, no joke!!! In addition the Klingon Warrior Academy presented a submission: which earned its writer a position in the Order of General Martok's Honor Guard. "A Look at the Klingon Empire's Attempt to Invade the Cardassian Union Š It's Premises And Outcomes." By Craig Shuster of the Space Station Nexus

In CQ 100, Marlene reminisced about the milestone that reaching CQ 100 represented and the growth the Academy had witnessed. " Since its inception in the late 70s or early 80s ... the Academy has grown from its one- school curriculum into the mega campus you see today. Our campus has grown to include more than 20 Schools and Colleges, over 30 members of the Staff and Faculty, and has slipped the boundaries of the United States to sink roots into Australia, Canada and Europe. Courses which traditionally have only been available in English, have been translated into French and Dutch by Academy Directors Manon Lessard-Belanger and Jeroen Vantroyen. The Starfleet Academy Cadet Academy exclusively for Starfleet members up to age 18." In addition Marlene released the news that nearly all of the SFA School's tuition would be reduced by at last one-dollar American and that more would be done to keep costs down with increased use of the internet and paperless exams.

CQ 101 was the Post 2000 IC issue and included among many other articles, the Red Squad Honors for 2000. Names as Red Squad Leader (Student of the Year) was Paul Jones of the USS Tanagra, runners-up as Assistant Red Squad Leaders were Wayne L. Killough Jr. of the Shuttle Witchfire, Edith L. Padgett of the USS Charleston, and Kurt F. Roithinger of the Space Station Nexus. Director of the Year was Wayne L. Killough Jr, Director of the Starfleet Academy of Medicine. School of the Year was the Klingon Warrior Academy as led by Deb Kern of the USS Mir. And a Special Certificate of Appreciation was present to Helen Pawlowski. In all twenty-eight members received Red Squad Honors.

In CQ 102, the final issue of the Mike Smith Administration, Marlene was happy to announce that she would be continuing on with the Rickard administration as Commandant. The editors though noted that over the last year, they had failed to acquire any photo of our intrepid Academy leader, keep trying guys. In addition announcements were made of the opening of the BURPS Culinary School, under the leadership of William Skinner and Anita Davis; the appointment of Greg Staylor as Vice-Commandant Electronic Services, as well as the appointment of Wayne Killough as the Academy Special Assistant, and the appointment of Anne Bellenger of the USS Matrix to lead the College of the Federation Studies.

And now we will look at the present, the Les Rickard era. With CQ 103 ushering in his administration, had the usual listing of graduates, honor students and director changes. In addition Carol Thompson wrote a detailed article on the new Vessel Readiness Certification Program, which encouraged chapters to have multiple members complete Academy Schools across a wide spectrum of Disciplines to receive Certifications for their various departments, and once certifying all of the departments on board their chapter, the chapter would receive a full Vessel Readiness Certificate, recognizing the hard work they have done, very few chapters have completed this difficult process, and they should feel honored for doing so.

In CQ 104, an update on the expanded use of the Academy On-Line Voucher codes was provided, this new service allowed members to purchase a series of numbers, coded to their use, to send to different school directors, either in writing, or within an email. Thus a member could buy, say 30 Voucher Codes, and then use them as they saw fit over a period of time, rather, than writing a one dollar check here, or a three dollar check there. Carol Thompson was tasked to operate this program which she had done an excellent job over the last two years. In addition Ben Redding was happy to announce the reopening on the Cadet Academy with such new courses as the Cadet Security School, and the Cadet Flight School. Jill Rayburn also made a report on the excellent service of the Academy Away Team program, where Academy Students could purchase and take courses while at the various regional Summits.

In CQ 105, there was listed a myriad of bits and pieces of news from around the Academy: The 300th voucher code had been sold to the membership. The Klingon Warrior Academy and the Starfleet Academy College of Medicine were giving out new and more exciting perks to the graduates and honor graduates of those schools. Michalene Bilber reported on the accessibility of Academy Test materials for the various members with special needs and challenges. And, Wayne Killough reported that a test on Vampires (with all the Buffy excitement) was added to the College of Mythological Studies. Finally Sue Hampton reported on and explained the process to applying for the Starfleet Scholarships.

In CQ 106, following the 2001 International Conference highlighted the Red Squad winners, and other honorees from the IC. John Roberts of the Shuttle Soyuz, was named the Red Squad Leader for 2001, with Dean Rogers of the USS Highlander, and for the second year Kurt Roithinger of the Space Station Nexus were named Assistant Red Squad Leaders, with TWENTY-SEVEN other members being named to the Red Squad: Academy All Star listing for 2001. Director of the Year Honors were shared by Anne Bellenger of the College of Federation Studies and Dave Blaser of the Canadian Campus of the Officer's Command College and the Canadian Campus of the College of Communications. The School of the Year was named to be College of Alien History and Culture, with David Pfeifer as its Director.

CQ 107, was mostly devoted to the tragedy and aftermath of the Terrorist Attack on September 11th, the largest Academy related information was the press release announcing the four tier "Gorn Academy". Directed by Carolyn Donner and Izod (Garry Donner), the Gorn Academy offered a class in TOS Gorn-ology, TNG Gorn-ology, a course on the Culture of the Gorns, and an opportunity to write a thesis (i.e. fictional piece) showing interaction with between a character of the author's choice, and one or more Gorns.

CQ 108 had Marlene opening with her wishes to publicly thank everyone who has conducted an Academy Away Team at Starfleet events. The Away Teams have brought Academy courses right into our own back yards as they set up tables at Region Summits, Conventions and of course, the IC. Members bought hundreds of courses during 2001 and plans were ready to bring even more courses in 2002. Marlene then welcomed the Academy's newest Director Gloria Hanson who had recently joined the Academy as OTS-Canada liaison. Gloria hailed from Ontario and is eager to have all Canadians to apply. Finally Marlene talked about another Starfleet Academy project. Carolyn Donner, proprietor of Donner's Country Crafts, sells T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets with the Starfleet Academy logo embroidered on the left chest. She also had these same items available for most of the Academy Schools (Marlene was kinda partial to the one for the Vulcan Academy of Science). Carolyn is gracious enough to donate a minimum of $1 from each sale of Academy clothes, to the Starfleet Scholarship Fund.

CQ 109, had Marlene announcing some changes at the Academy: First, Sandy Berenberg has moved on to Starfleet Membership Processing, and had relinquished his Academy parking space to John Roberts. John took over the School of Strategy and Tactics (SOST) that was developed by Sandy. On January 21, Wayne Lee Killough, Jr. resigned his position as Starfleet Academy Special Assistant. The position would go unfilled for the immediate future. On January 29, Jim Cushing resigned his position as Director of Starfleet Academy Officer's Command College. Jim had been with Starfleet Academy for quite a few years, and the Academy was sorry to see him go. Ergo Marlene Miller, herself, moved into the Officer's Command College office that was vacated by Jim. This was a smooth transition, so delays were kept to a very minimum. In fact OCC processing time improved to a matter of weeks to sometimes as short as days after the switchover. With Marlene's new position as Director of the Officer's Command College, she decided to step down from the Vulcan Academy of Science. She had been its Director since January 4, 1989 when she had to rebuild the School from the ground up. These past 13 years with her as Director were some of the best years ever! She wanted to leave VAS in the best hands possible she began taking resumes and letters of intent from those interested in become Director of the Vulcan Academy of Science.

CQ 109 also saw a MILESTONE ACHIEVED with one of Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Marine Academy's staunch supporters completing over 100 courses in 2001. George Parker of the USS Ark Angel related, " The most challenging is the survival test. I found it very tough and one of the few I haven't been able to complete. Another hard one is the third test in Flag Officer School. I'm still trying to complete it. On the Marine side most of the -30 tests have been challenging. Not only in finding a appropriate topic, but in material to use as reference." Even though the courses are challenging, and not easy to get through without a lot of hard work, George has graduated with honors from dozens of courses. Throughout his quest to take a LOT of courses, George said he had a lot of help and wanted to thank those who helped him along the way. Starfleet Academy Directors had processed 195 Graduates in the 9 weeks between the last report periods, November 26, 2001 - February 3, 2002.

CQ 110 had a short report from the Academy, Marlene requested OCC student from the December 2001 / January 2002 timeframe to contact her, so she could update their information in the Academy Database. New procedures for the Away Team were explained. Academy vanity e-mail addresses were now available, much thanks to Mark Anbinder over at Computer Operations for that. The opening at the US Campus of the Vulcan Academy of Science was repeated. And the STARFLEET Academy Directors have processed 170 Graduates in the 7 weeks between the last report period, February 4, 2002 through March 25, 2002.

Finally in CQ 111 we are brought current in our Academy History lesson (whew!). The Starfleet Academy Alumni Association (SFA-AA) has been resurrected by former Vice-Commander, Starfleet... former CO of the USS Renegade.... former Academy PGS Director, Admiral Anita Davis. The College of Religious History has come aboard with Commodore Bill Herrmann at the helm. Starfleet Officer's Command College is now available via the Academy WebSite. Thanks to Greg Staylor, STARFLEET members can access the Online OCC to help speed up the registration process. The new Director of Starfleet Academy's Vulcan Academy of Science is Lt(jg) Gloria Hanson. Gloria is currently the Director of the Canadian OTS, however, because she'll be moving back to Vermont she'll be stepping down as OTS-Canada Director. Once again, the Academy is always looking for International Starfleet members who want to conduct a course (or two) at the Australian, Canadian, or European Campuses. Speaking of International members the Academy was still on the lookout for people who are willing to translate OTS and OCC into languages besides English, French and Dutch. Finally: STARFLEET Academy Directors have processed 236 Graduates in the 8 weeks between the last report period, March 26, 2002 through May 25, 2002.

Beginnings: 1974-1988

Growth and Turmoil: 1989-1996

SFA Lives Long and Prospers: 1997-Present



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