History of SFA

This history originally appeared in the CQ, Issues #110 to 112 and was written by Scott Akers.

Beginnings: 1974-1988

Soon after SFI's birth, members begin to plan the formation of a school to educate the membership in the structure of the club. Starfleet Academy is born in 1979, and over the next decade grows to a half-dozen schools.

Growth and Turmoil: 1989-1996

SFA continues its evolution to accomodate a growing membership and the next generation of Trek fans. In the McGinnis administration, however, worsening communications and decreasing financial responsibility in SFI's highest echelons threatened to put the Academy, and all of SFI, out of commission.

SFA Lives Long and Prospers: 1997-Present

As SFI recovers from the disasters of the McGinnis era, SFA carries on and thrives, forming the Cadet Schools, the four Institutes, and the many membership services that make the Academy one of the two most popular aspects of Starfleet International.



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