STARFLEET ACADEMY courses are ONLY available to members (in good standing) of: STARFLEET, The International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc.

Cost of Taking STARFLEET Academy Courses:

ALL STARFLEET Academy courses can be taken by members of STARFLEET, who are in good standing, free by email or the FAC Program, or by mail for a small tuition fee.


1.  Academy courses are for members in good standing of Starfleet, the International Star Trek Fan Association, Inc. only. Non members and members not in good standing are prohibited from taking these courses.

2. If a member does not have Internet/Email access, his/her CO/XO or designated
educational officer may obtain course materials (which include the exams) and any other information contained in STARFLEET Academy; HOWEVER, this does not allow
anyone, not even the CO/XO, to give out answers to the student. It will be considered
cheating if any person gives or receives answers or assistance beyond that which is
allowed in policy #3.

Cheating is defined as:
a) an individual copying answers from another individual's exam and trying to pass it off as his/her own work;

b) an individual giving answers to another individual so he/she can pass it off as his/her own work; and/or

c) an individual receiving or giving answers for exams in a public setting such as a
discussion list.

If an Academy Director suspects that cheating has taken place, he/she
will notify the Vice Commandant and the Commandant and present evidence of said
cheating. Evidence may be chat logs, BBS posts, comparison of exam answers, or other evidence that answers have been shared. The Vice-Commandant and Commandant will then investigate the evidence, and if the charge of cheating can be substantiated, the Commandant shall notify the individual(s) involved, as well as their chapter CO, as to the charges and evidence using the same method that they had submitted their exam. Individuals suspected of cheating will be given the opportunity to explain their actions, that period being no longer than twenty-one (21) days from the date of notification if contacted via E-Mail or no longer than sixty (60) days from the date of notification if contacted by postal mail. If it is proven that cheating did indeed take place, the individuals as well as their CO, will be notified that a FAIL will be placed in the DB for those who were cheating. If the exam is OTS/OCC/FOS, then the RC will also be notified. If any individual accused of cheating wishes to appeal, he/she may do so starting with the next step in the chain of command: their Commanding Officer.

The student will be allowed to take an alternate exam for the particular exam he/she cheated on, upon request, and after a 90-day suspension from said exam. The student will receive only a grade of PASS after successful completion of the alternate exam.

If a 2nd offense of cheating occurs, the individual(s) involved will be suspended from taking academy classes for six months. The individual(s) involved will be permanently ineligible for Boothby awards in the future; however, any and all Boothby awards earned up to this point will remain on the student's permanent record.

If it is determined that a third incident of cheating occurs, there will be a review among the Director, Dean, Vice-Commandant, Commandant and the individual's CO to determine an appropriate penalty. If the exam involves the OTS, OCC, or FOS exams, the review will include the RC and possibly, as necessary, other members of the AB, as OTS, OCC and FOS are exams that may be required for some leadership positions in STARFLEET.

An individual who has already successfully taken and passed an Academy course and who is proven to have shared answers will not receive a failing grade on a course they have already successfully completed, however will still be subject to the same
consequences and have the same opportunities for appeal in terms of suspensions and Boothby awards as the individual receiving answers and submitting them on an exam as his/her own."

Policy item 2 updated as approved by AB08-06 majority on 27 October 2008

3.  Assistance given to others in the taking of the Academy Courses is limited to help in reading, translating, or data input (person taking the course must supply all answers)

4. The time frame to complete Academy exams is 10 weeks from the date the exam is sent, reflected by the mailing envelope's postmark or date sent via email. Directors have wide latitude as to how strictly to enforce this deadline. Points are sometimes deducted on late exams if no extension has been requested and granted. Outstanding exams are invalid after 3 months. A student must reapply with the stated tuition fee (if any) to complete the course.

Colleges and Schools make provisions for students who, for compelling reasons, find they cannot complete exams on time. To get an extension, a student may request it in writing and include a Self-Addressed, stamped Envelope (SASE) or via e-mail, citing the reason the extension is needed. Extensions (usually 2 weeks) are by Director's discretion. Up to two extensions may be granted per exam.

Policy item 4 updated February 29 2008




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