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We were first introduced to the Orions in Star Trek before Captain Kirk, when the Talosians cast Captain Pike into one of their illusions, with Vina as an exotic green Orion Slave Girl. Another green Orion woman was the Consort of Garth of Izar when he took over the prison he had been sent to. In ST: Enterprise, Captain Archer found out about the Orion Syndicate and its slave trade when he had to rescue nine of his own crew from the slave market on Verex III.

But do you really know the Orions?

The Orion Orientation College will introduce you to what the Orions really are, their planets, their people, their culture, and their long and tumultuous history. There is a lot more here than just green Slave Women!Orion Orientation College

Finally, the secrets about the galaxy's most whispered about race will be revealed.

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Free (LSAE, 2 loose 1st class stamps if printed certificate is requested)

OOC101 - The Orion Home System
Tour the home system of the Orions, discovering its unique planets and stars.

OOC102 - The Orion Colonies
Scattered over parsecs of space, pinned between two major powers, the Orion colonies are as richly diverse and as troubled as any in the known galaxy.

OOC103 - The Orion People
As varied as humanity and much older, the Orion race is as interesting and perplexing as any of its galactic neighbours.

OOC104 - The Orion Mind
The races may seem varied, but their psychology is a real mixed bag.

OOC105 - The Orion Culture

If you think the people are complex, wait until you study their society and culture.

OOC106 - Early Orion History
Star travel has been around for hundreds of thounsands of years, and the Orions have been there through much of it, in one state or another.

OOC107 - Late Orion History
And the adventure goes on, through the Four Years War and beyond, as the Orions struggle to survive in a changing universe.

OOC201 - Orion Analysis (requires the completion of at least three (3) 100 level courses as a pre-requisite)
A more in-depth look at the Orions and their history.

OOC301 - Written Orion Project
- (requires the completion of at least one (1) 200 level course as a pre-requisite)
This requires the writing of a paper detailing the experiences that the student or the student's ship (Chapter) has had with the Orions. In essence, a fan-fiction story, but it must tell a complete story and resonably portray the Orion characters involved.

OOC302 - Other Orion Project - (requires the completion of at least one (1) 200 level course as a pre-requisite)
This may be anything of a personal interest to the student and of an Orion nature. Designing an Orion starship, creating an Orion character, complete with backstory, designing an orion costume, or a multitude of other possibilities. Contact the Director with a project proposal for approval.



Orion Orientation College Reference Manual


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