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College of Communications students will learn the fundamentals of creating newsletters, flyers, bookmarks, etc. that will help them present a professional and fun image of their chapters. Computers may be used, but are not necessary to pass the main course.

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Course Tuition:
Courses are free if taken via email or online. Courses mailed through USPS within the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) are $4.00 each. Completion certificates mailed through USPS within the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) are $1.00 each. International students seeking postal documents, please contact the Director for pricing.

NOTE: Please do not send Director any mail packages requiring signatures.

COC101 - Interspecies Interaction
Covers principles of communications.

COC102 - Abbreviations and Acronyms
This course deals with the quick, and sometimes colloquial, expressions that one sees in email messages and websites. When you're trying to understand what IMNSHO or RBG is, then this course can help.

COC103 - Netiquette and Emoticon Basics
Here is a course for everyone who uses online forums of communication. It covers rules and guidelines for sharing messages, and learning what all those little smilies really imply in messages directed your way (and how to create them.)

COC104 - HTML Basics
Whether you're building your own first website, or just italicizing a word in your message to a friend for emphasis, these simple tricks and codes can aid you in your communications done via the internet.


Course manuals are provided upon registration.



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