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The College of Mythological Studies (COMS) introduces some of the ancient religious mythologies from Europe and Asia. The interested student is invited to research further at these and other sites on the Internet. Anyone who has taken the former mythology courses offered by the College may take any or all of the new exams.

Important: It is vital that you make sure you keep a copy of your results and certificate as proof of completing COMS. Do not rely on the STARFLEET Database or anyone else to verify that you have completed COMS or any other Academy course. The burden of proof is upon you, the student.

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Celtic Deities (CEL)

CEL-101 - Celtic Deities
CEL-201 - Irish Celtic Deities
CEL-202 - Scottish Celtic Deities, Part 1
CEL-203 - Scottish Celtic Deities, Part 2
CEL-204 - British and Welsh Celtic Deities

Chinese Deities and Myths (CHM)

CHM-101 - Chinese Deities
CHM-201 - Chinese Creation Myths
CHM-202 - The Legend of Tan'Gun, Part 1
CHM-203 - The Legend of Tan'Gun, Part 2

Classical Roman and Greek Deities and Myths (CLA)

CLA-101 - Classical Deities, Part 1
CLA-102 - Classical Deities, Part 2
CLA-103 - Classical Deities, Part 3
CLA-201 - Greek Creation Myths, Part 1
CLA-202 - Greek Creation Myths, Part 2

Egyptian Deities and Myths (EGY)

EGY-101 - Egyptian Deities, Part 1
EGY-201 - Egyptian Creation Myths, Part 1
EGY-202 - Egyptian Creation Myths, Part 2
EGY-203 - Name that Deity

Hindu Deities (HIN)

HIN-101 - Hindu Deities, Part 1
HIN-102 - Hindu Deities, Part 2
HIN-103 - Hindu Deities, Part 3
HIN-104 - Hindu Deities, Part 4
HIN-105 - Hindu Deities, Part 5

North American Deities and Myths (NAM)

NAM-101 - Deities of the Aymara, Incans, & Guarani
NAM-102 - Abenaki Mythology
NAM-103 - Algonquin Mythology
NAM-104 - Mythology of the Apache, Arapaho, & Cherokee
NAM-105 - Mythology of the Crow, Blackfoot, & Cheyenne
NAM-106 - Mythology of the Chickasaw, Seminole, Alabama, & Chocktaw, Part 1
NAM-107 - Mythology of the Chickasaw, Seminole, Alabama, & Chocktaw, Part 2
NAM-108 - Mythology of the Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, & Zuni
NAM-109 - Canadian Indian Mythology, Part 1
NAM-110 - Canadian Indian Mythology, Part 2

Norse Deities and Myths (NOR)

NOR-101 - Norse Deities
NOR-201 - Norse Realms, Part 1
NOR-202 - Norse Realms, Part 2
NOR-203 - Norse Creation Myths, Part 1
NOR-204 - Norse Creation Myths, Part 2
NOR-205 - Treasure of the Gods, Part 1
NOR-206 - Treasure of the Gods, Part 2
NOR-207 - The Death of Baldur, Part 1
NOR-208 - The Death of Baldur, Part 2
NOR-209 - The Death of Baldur, Part 3
NOR-210 - The Death of Baldur, Part 4
NOR-211 - Ragnarok, Part 1
NOR-212 - Ragnarok, Part 2

Slavic Deities (SLA)

SLA-101 - Slavic Deities, Part 1
SLA-102 - Slavic Deities, Part 2
SLA-103 - Slavic Deities, Part 3

Source Materials Needed

Manuals and/or URLs will be provided with each exam.


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