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This College is designed for Cadets that are 6 to 18 years of age. Alien lifestyles, customs, and general knowledge are covered.

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Cadet Cardassian Orientation School

CCOC-101 - The Cardassian Union
CCOC-102 - Cardassian Military
CCOC-103 - The Obsidian Order

Cadet Borg Orientation School

CCOBT-101 - Basic Course

Cadet Miscellaneous Alien School

NTA-101 - Name that Alien (6-9 year olds)
NTA-201 - Name that Alien (10-18 year olds)

Cadet Romulan Orientation School

CROC-101 - The People and the Tal'Shiar
CROC-102 - The Government
CROC-103 - Military, Technology, and History

Cadet Vulcan Orientation School

CVOC-101 - Vulcan Geography and Physiology
CVOC-102 - Vulcan Culture
CVOC-103 - Vulcan Government

Source Materials Needed

- Cadet Cardassian Orientation Manual

Borg answers can be found in the Star Trek Encyclopedia, episodes of various Star Trek series, and various Star Trek films.

- Romulan Orientation Manual

- Cadet Vulcan Orientation Manual


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