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The Cadet College of Federation Studies introduces the student to basic concepts of the United Federation of Planets.

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School of Federation Captains

This School explores the early lives and the later careers of various Starfleet Captains. These topics skip over their televised and movie Captaincy years, since that period of time is covered in the College of Trenology.

Ages 6 to 9

- Archer
FSC102 - Pike
FSC103 - April
FSC104 - Kirk
FSC105 - Picard
FSC106 - Sisko
FSC107 - Janeway
FSC108 - Jellico
FSC109 - Calhoun
FSC110 - Shelby
FSC111 - Decker
FSC112 - Harriman
FSC113 - Garrett

Ages 10 to 18

FSC201 - Archer
FSC202 - Pike
FSC203 - April
FSC204 - Kirk
FSC205 - Picard
FSC206 - Sisko
FSC207 - Janeway
FSC208 - Jellico
FSC209 - Calhoun
FSC210 - Shelby
FSC211 - Decker
FSC212 - Harriman
FSC213 - Garrett

School of Federation Starship Schematics

The student will label the pictures, placing their answers on the answer sheets provided.

Ages 6 to 9

- NX-01 Schematics
FSS102 - NCC-1701 Constitution Class Schematics
FSS103 - NCC-1701-A Constitution Class Schematics
FSS104 - NCC-1701-B Excelsior Class Schematics
FSS105 - NCC-1701-C Ambassador Class Schematics
FSS106 - NCC-1701-D Galaxy Class Schematics
FSS107 - NCC-1701-E Sovereign Class Schematics

Ages 10 to 18

- NX-01 Schematics
FSS202 - NCC-1701 Constitution Class Schematics
FSS203 - NCC-1701-A Constitution Class Schematics
FSS204 - NCC-1701-B Excelsior Class Schematics
FSS205 - NCC-1701-C Ambassador Class Schematics
FSS206 - NCC-1701-D Galaxy Class Schematics
FSS207 - NCC-1701-E Sovereign Class Schematics


Materials and reference URL's will be provded with each exam.



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