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The Cadet College of Mathematics partipates in the Cadet Academy program, offering two classes just for STARFLEET members up to the age of 18.


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$2.00 and 4 1st-class stamps
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Please note: The Cadet Academy Courses are courses specifically designed for the youth members of Starfleet, or those member due to some handicap are unable to complete the standard course, if you are adult without limitations, do not apply for the Cadet Academy courses.

CCOM101 - Cadet Elementary Math

This course is designed for grades 4 to 7. Topics covered include: Place Value, Average of a set of numbers, Roman Numbers, Fractions, Rounding, Division and Multiplication.

CCOM102 - Cadet Secondary Math

This course is designed for grades 8 to 10. Topics include: Metric system conversions, Exponents, Factorials, Permutations, Least Common Multiples, Cube Roots, basic Geometry and Algebra, converting temperatures between Celcius and Fahrenheit. Formula sheet is provided. Using a calculator would be a good idea for this course.

CCOM103 - Roman Numbers

This course is designed for grades 4 and up. Topics covers adding and subtracting with ROman Numbers.

CCOM104 - Cadet Math: Pre-Algebra
CCOM 105a Introduction to Fractions Pt. 1
CCOM 105b Introduction to Fractions Pt. 2
CCOM 106 Rounding Two Digit Numbers
CCOM 107 Add Two, Three, and Four Numbers
CCOM 108a Subtract Two Digit Numbers
CCOM 108b Add and Subtract Four Digits

This course is designed for grades 6 and up. Topics covered are Factors, Exponents, Ratios, Prime and Composite Numbers, Greatest Common Factors and Least Common Multiples.






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