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The Cadet College of Spooky Friends consists of exams specifically written for cadets, ages 6 through 9 and 10 through 18. The exams are based on spooky TV shows and movies.

Junior Cadets may also take Cadet exams as the exams are different in length, content and difficulty.

Some TV exams may be completed through Internet sources (; Wikipedia and

All Junior Cadet movie exams are based on G or PG movies. Cadet exams may be based on some PG-13 movies. Parents are encouraged to screen all movies for appropriateness of material based on their personal values as well as for the appropriateness for their individual child.

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School of Cadet Spooky Movies

Ages 6 to 9

CM-ADM101 - The Addams Family - Jr Cadet
CM-GMR101 - The Ghost and Mr Chicken - Jr Cadet
CM-WAG101 - Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) - Jr Cadet

Ages 10 to 18

CM-ADM201 - The Addams Family - Cadet
CM-GMR201 - The Ghost and Mr Chicken - Cadet
CM-WAG201 - Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit (2005) - Cadet

School of Cadet Spooky Television

Ages 6 to 9

CTV-ADM101 - The Addams Family - Characters - Jr Cadet
CTV-MUN101 - The Munsters - Jr Cadet
CTV-RBY101 - Ruby Gloom - Animated - Jr Cadet

Ages 10 to 18

CTV-ADM201 - The Addams Family - Characters - Cadet
CTV-MUN201 - The Munsters - Cadet
CTV-RBY201 - Ruby Gloom - Animated - Cadet


Access to the movies or TV series listed

Some exams may be completed using:

  • Wikipedia


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