College of US Presidents

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These courses cover the lives and administrations of the individuals who have held the office of President of the United States. Exams consist of Multiple Choice and True/False questions.

Important: It is vital that you make sure you keep a copy of your results and certificate as proof of completing CUSP courses. Do not rely on the STARFLEET Database, or anyone else, to verify that you have completed CUSP or any other Academy course. The burden of proof is upon you, the student.

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Course Tuition

Courses are free electronically or $2.00 each for hard copy. Certificates are free electronically or $1.00 each for hard copy.


CUSP-101 - George Washington
CUSP-102 - John Adams
CUSP-103 - Thomas Jefferson
CUSP-104 - James Madison
CUSP-105 - James Monroe
CUSP-106 - John Quincy Adams
CUSP-107 - Andrew Jackson
CUSP-108 - Martin Van Buren
CUSP-109 - William Harrison
CUSP-110 - John Tyler
CUSP-111 - James Polk
CUSP-112 - Zachary Taylor

Source Materials Needed

A list of recommended references is supplied with each course.


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