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The College of Intelligence in Movies covers Intelligence as portrayed in various cinematic movies. James Bond movies are offered in the College of Bond, James Bond.

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CIM101 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Spy Who Came in From the Cold
CIM102 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Recruit
CIM103 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Bourne Identity
CIM104 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Bourne Supremacy
CIM105 - (Email) or (FAC) - Sneakers
CIM106 - (Email) or (FAC) - Clear and Present Danger
CIM107 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Sum of All Fears
CIM108 - (Email) or (FAC) - Agent Cody Banks
CIM109 - (Email) or (FAC) - Agent Cody Banks II
CIM110 - (Email) or (FAC) - U-571
CIM112 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Ipcress File
CIM113 - (Email) or (FAC) - Black Dawn
CIM114 - (Email) or (FAC) - Spies Like Us
CIM115 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Avengers
CIM116 - (Email) or (FAC) - Firefox
CIM117 - (Email) or (FAC) - Hunt for Red October
CIM118 - (Email) or (FAC) - Patriot Games
CIM119 - (Email) or (FAC) - True Lies
CIM120 - (Email) or (FAC) - Stalag 17

CIM121 - (Email) or (FAC) - Where Eagles Dare
CIM122 - (Email) or (FAC) - Midway
CIM123 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Good Shepherd
CIM124 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Eagle Has Landed
CIM126 - (Email) or (FAC) - Windtalkers
CIM127 - (Email) or (FAC) - Broken Arrow
CIM128 - (Email) or (FAC) - United 93
CIM129 - (Email) or (FAC) - Toy Soldiers
CIM130 - (Email) or (FAC) - Under Siege

CIM132 - (Email) or (FAC) - Wild Wild West
CIM133 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Bourne Ultimatum
CIM134 - (Email) or (FAC) - Thirteen Days
CIM136 - (Email) or (FAC) - Air Force One
CIM137 - (Email) or (FAC) - Under Seige 2
CIM139 - (Email) or (FAC) - Munich
CIM140 - (Email) or (FAC) - Mission Impossible I

CIM141 - (Email) or (FAC) - Mission Impossible II
CIM142 - (Email) or (FAC) - Mission Impossible III
CIM144 - (Email) or (FAC) - Space Cowboys
CIM145 - (Email) or (FAC) - Spy Game
CIM146 - (Email) or (FAC) - NetForce
CIM147 - (Email) or (FAC) - Body of Lies(PLEASE NOTE: This movie is rated 'R' for strong violence and extensive strong language. For 18 years and over ONLY)
CIM148 - (Email) or (FAC) - Traitor (2008)
CIM149 - (Email) or (FAC) - Executive Decision
CIM150 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Tailor of Panama

CIM151 - (Email) or (FAC) - Salt

CIM152 - (Email) or (FAC) - Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
CIM153 - (Email) or (FAC) - The Bourne Legacy (2012)
CIM154 - (Email) or (FAC) - Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)
CIM155 - (Email) - Spartan (2004)
CIM157 - (Email) - Olympus Has Fallen (2013)
CIM158 - (Email) - Phantom (2013)


Students must be able to view the listed movies. There are no manuals for this college.


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