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The College of Cryptography is a challenging introduction to the art of Cryptography. The material covers the history, uses and application of cryptography from the 19th Century to the 24th Century.

Each level increases in difficulty and complexity.

Due to the difficulty of the subject, only one exam may be requested and completed at a time.


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Course Tuition:
Two (2) first class stamps plus $3 per exam, which will cover printing and mailing of the manual, the exams and the diplomas. The courses are also available for free by email.

Fun with Cryptography
Cryptography isn't just for Intelligence Agencies. Recreational cryptography is found in dozens of monthly Puzzle and Variety Game magazines for both adults and children. These puzzles are fun and easy introduction to cryptography.

Note: CRYPTO001 is a pre-requisite to CRYPTO002 through CRYPTO008. CRYPTO002 to CRYPTO008 may be taken in any order.

CRYPTO001 - Introduction to Recreational Cryptography
CRYPTO002 - Quotefalls
CRYPTO003 - The Rebus
CRYPTO004 - Acrostics
CRYPTO005 - Polygons
CRYPTO006 - Cryptograms
CRYPTO007 - Book and Phone Codes
CRYPTO008 - Word Scrambles

Cryptography Training School
This school introduces the student to in-depth history, devices and methods of Cryptography. Exams are short answer and true/false. No decoding or encoding is required in these exams.

Note: Each course in this School will be accompanied by a short manual.

- Codetalkers
- History of Cryptography
– Cryptomachines
– Unsolved Codes and Ciphers
– Monoalphabetic and Unilateral Substitutions
– Polygraphic Substitution Systems
- Transposition Systems
– Types of Code Systems
– Stream and Block Ciphers

Practical Cryptography School

This school introduces the student to the process of decryption and encrpytion. Students will answer questions on historical and fictional uses of Cryptography and will decode and/or encode messages and passages from literature using simple substitution techniques.

Note: 100, 200 and 300 level exams must be taken in order and are prerequisites to taking 400 and 500 level exams. A general reference manual will be provided with CRYPTO100, which will cover all exams in the School.

CRYPTO100 – Basic Cryptography

CRYPTO200 - Intermediate Cryptography

CRYPTO300 - Advanced Cryptography I

CRYPTO400 – Advanced Cryptography II

CRYPTO500 – Advanced Cryptography III


Manuals will be provided upon application for CRYPTO100 for the entire Practical Cryptography School and for each exam in the Cryptography Training School. Let the director know if you need a particular manual.

Source materials reccomended for this course include:

Various Internet sources

Star Trek Encyclopedia

Various Historical documents regarding voyages of USS Enterprise NCC-1701,
NCC-1701-A, NCC-1701-D, Data information from Database of Station Deep Space Nine

Encyclopedia or Research Reference Material (World Book, Britannica, Encarta)

Internet LCARS - access useful but not required.

General references on cryptography (found in most libraries)

A working mind

General References on Cryptography and World War II Intelligence




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