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The College of United Kingdom and Ireland will provide students with an opportunity to learn more about the various countries that make up the United Kingdom including their culture, history and other areas of study.

NOTE: Courses in each School are to be taken in order, i.e. ENG101 must be completed with a 'Pass' grade or higher before requesting ENG102 etc.

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School of England (SEN)

ENG101 - Flags of England
ENG102 - Counties of England
ENG103 - Geography of England
ENG104 - Government of England
ENG105 - Landmarks of England

School of Ireland (SIR)

IRE101 - Flags of Ireland
IRE102 - Counties of Ireland
IRE103 - Geography of Ireland
IRE104 - Government of Ireland
IRE105 - Landmarks of Ireland

School of Scotland (SSC)

SCO101 - Flags of Scotland
SCO102 - Counties of Scotland
SCO103 - Geography of Scotland
SCO104 - Government of Scotland
SCO105 - Landmarks of Scotland

School of Wales (SWA)

WAL101 - Flags of Wales
WAL102 - Counties of Wales
WAL103 - Geography of Wales
WAL104 - Government of Wales
WAL105 - Landmarks of Wales


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