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Officer Training School (OTS) will allow the student to learn about the real-world of STARFLEET and prepare the individual to become a commissioned officer. It is a prerequisite for anyone becoming a Chapter Commanding Officer (CO) or Executive Officer (XO), as well as for anyone wanting to complete Officer Command College (OCC).

Important: It is vital that you make sure you keep a copy of your results and certificate as proof of completing OTS. Do not rely on the STARFLEET Database or anyone else to verify that you have completed OTS or any other Academy course. The burden of proof is upon you, the student.

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Course Tuition

Course is free via email or through the Fully Automated Course (FAC) Program. For postal mail, a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) and one (1) loose First-Class postage stamp is required.

About the FAC Program

The FAC Program provides a "Warp Speed" fully-automated solution to taking STARFLEET Academy exams. Each step is at your pace and you never have to wait on the Director to receive your certificate. For any of the courses in the FAC Program, you can register, view or download the course manual (if applicable), take the course examination, and have a customized diploma presented to you...all online.

Special Note for the FAC Program

FAC graduates are not automatically entered into the STARFLEET Database. They are reviewed by the College Director prior to being entered to ensure accuracy and eligibility. All students should check the STARFLEET Database approximately one week after successfully completing the course, if they have not received an email from the Database stating their course completion has been entered. If the course is not listed in the Database after one week, please contact the College Director.


OTS-101 or (FAC) - Officer Training School

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