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The College of Animal Trivia (CAT) will test your knowledge of various animals from around the world, from the common to the extremely rare and unusual.

This is a fun yet informative college where you just might learn something along the way. Courses are normally derived from Wikipedia or Encyclopedia Britannica.

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Animal Trivia

CAT101 - Animal Trivia - Part 1
CAT102 - Animal Trivia - Part 2
CAT103 - Animal Trivia - Part 3
CAT104 - Animal Trivia - Part 4
CAT105 - Animal Trivia - Part 5
CAT106 - Animal Trivia - Part 6
CAT107 - Animal Trivia - Part 7
CAT108 - Animal Trivia - Part 8
CAT109 - Animal Trivia - Part 9
CAT110 - Animal Trivia - Part 10
CAT111 - Animal Trivia - Part 11
CAT112 - Animal Trivia - Part 12
CAT113 - Animal Trivia - Part 13


You can use any reference source you desire to get the answer, but the only answer that will be accepted as correct is the one that will be on the answer key. There are no multiple choice, no true or false...just short answers for each question.


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