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Invertebrates make up approximately 97% of all animal species. On the land or in the water, they are a vital part of the ecology of Earth. What do they all have in common? How are they different? Where do they live?

These questions and more will be answered in this basic introduction to Invertebrate Biology. Topics covered are group characteristics, anatomy, and habitat of the most familiar phyla.

Only the living groups of invertebrates will be covered in this College.

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Arthropods - Arachnids, Crustaceans, Insects

IAA-101 - Arachnids, Part 1
IAA-102 - Arachnids, Part 2

IAC-101 - Crustaceans, Part 1
IAC-102 - Crustaceans, Part 2

IAI-101 - Insects, Part 1
IAI-102 - Insects, Part 2
IAI-103 - Insects, Part 3

IAM-101 - Myriapods

Cnidaria - Jellyfish, Corals, Anemones, Hydra, Portuguese man o' war

ICA-101 - Sea Anemone

ICC-101 - Corals, Part 1
ICC-102 - Corals, Part 2

ICH-101 - Hydra

ICJ-101 - Jellyfish

ICP-101 - Portuguese man o' war

Echinoderms - Sea Stars, Sea Urchins, Sand Dollars

IBE-101 - Echinoderms - Introduction
IBE-102 - Sea Stars and Brittle Stars
IBE-103 - Sea Urchins and Sand Dollars
IBE-104 - Sea Cucumbers and Crinoids

Mollusks - Bivalves, Cephalopods, Gastropods

IMB-101 - Bivalves, Part 1
IMB-102 - Bivalves, Part 2
IMB-103 - Bivalves, Part 3
IMB-104 - Bivalves, Part 4

IMC-101 - Cephalopods

IMG-101 - Gastropods, Part 1
IMG-102 - Gastropods, Part 2

Sponges - Soft Sponges, Hard Sponges, Glass Sponges

IBS-101 - Sponges, Part 1
IBS-102 - Sponges, Part 2

Worms - Segmented Worms, Round Worms, Flat Worms

IBW-101 - Worms, Part 1
IBW-102 - Worms, Part 2
IBW-103 - Worms, Part 3

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