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All life is composed of one or more cells, but what exactly is a cell and how does it function? What are those tiny organisms that live in water and in the soil, some of which make you ill and others that all life on Earth depends upon? This college explores the microscopic world of cells and microorganisms: their structure, their environment, and their role in the ecosystem.

If you are a student without a strong background in biology it is recommended that you begin with MCB101 through MCB 107, which will provide you with a good working knowledge of cells. After that, you may then proceed through the MOO series to explore the world of single-celled organisms and viruses.

Certificates are given at each level.

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Cell Basics

MCB101 - Cell Basics - Part 1
MCB102 - Cell Basics - Part 2
MCB103 - Cell Basics - Part 3
MCB104 - Cell Basics - Part 4
MCB105 - Cell Basics - Part 5
MCB106 - Cell Basics - Part 6
MCB107 - Cell Basics - Part 7


MOO101 - History of Microorganisms
MOO102 - Prokaryotes-Archaea, Part 1
MOO103 - Prokaryotes-Archaea, Part 2
MOO104 - Prokaryotes-Archaea, Part 3
MOO105 - Prokaryotes-Bacteria, Part 1
MOO106 - Prokaryotes-Bacteria, Part 2
MOO107 - Eukaryotes-Protista, Part 1
MOO108 - Eukaryotes-Protista, Part 2
MOO109 - Viruses, Part 1
MOO110 - Viruses, Part 2
MOO111 - Viruses, Part 3

Source Materials Needed

A manual will be provided for these courses.


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