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The courses provide information about the training and responsibilities of the men and women who serve the public in this field.

The material presented in this College is for the entertainment of STARFLEET members only, and is NOT to be considered a substitute for professional training in real life.

STARFLEET Academy does not train or certify any EMS qualification. Any person interested in this subject and are capable of completing the real life training are encouraged to seek out and receive certified training from qualified personnel.

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CEMS101A - Emergency Medical Overview - Part 1
CEMS101B - Emergency Medical Overview - Part 2
CEMS101C - Emergency Medical Overview - Part 3
CEMS101D - Emergency Medical Overview - Part 4
CEMS102A - Basic First Aid - Part 1
CEMS102B - Basic First Aid - Part 2
CEMS102C - Basic First Aid - Part 3
CEMS103A - First Responder - Part 1
CEMS103B - First Responder - Part 2
CEMS103C - First Responder - Part 3
CEMS103D - First Responder - Part 4
CEMS103E - First Responder - Part 5
CEMS105A - Paramedic - Part 1
CEMS105B - Paramedic - Part 2
CEMS105C - Paramedic - Part 3
CEMS106A - The Emergency Room - Part 1
CEMS106B - The Emergency Room - Part 2



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