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The objective is to deepen the student's awareness and knowledge of human psychology in regard to how internal and external stimuli affect interactions between individuals.

The student will be afforded the opportunity to explore diverse areas of psychology and examine ways in which Psychologists recognize and treat psychological disorders.

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School of Abnormal Psychology

ABN100 – History of Abnormal Psychology
ABN101 – Abnormal Psychology Defined
ABN102 – Experimental Psychology
ABN103 – Structuralism

School of Phobias

PHO101 – Phobias 1
PHO102 – Phobias 2
PHO103 – Phobias 3
PHO104 – Phobias 4

PHO105 – Phobias 5
PHO106 – Phobias 6
PHO107 – Phobias 7
PHO108 – Phobias 8
PHO109 – Phobias 9

School of Psychology in Star Trek

PST101 – Psychology and Star Trek 1
PST102 – Psychology and Star Trek 2 - Dagger of the Mind
PST103 – Psychology and Star Trek 3
PST104 – Psychology and Star Trek 4 - Tin Man

PST105 – Psychology and Star Trek 5 - The Enemy Within
PST106 – Psychology and Star Trek 6 - Day of the Dove
PST107 – Psychology and Star Trek 7 Turnabout Intruder





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