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The College includes information and exams on those items of equipment commonly used by the medical profession, eithe rin the field or in the emergency room to assist in the diagnosis of medical problems. All exams are sent in PDF and Microsoft Word formats, unless otherwise requested.

Course Tuition:
$2.00, LSASE (Legal-size Self Addressed Stamped Envelope), 2 Loose First-Class Stamps per course, Free by email

School of Emergency Technology(SET)

SET-101 - The Defibrillator - Part 1
SET-102 - The Defibrillator - Part 2
SET-103 - Oxygen Treatment Equipment - Part 1
SET-104 - Oxygen Treatment Equipment - Part 2
SET-105 - Splints and Braces
SET-106 - The Sphygmomanometer (The Blood Pressure Cuff)
SET-107 - The Stethoscope
SET-108 - Blood Glucose Testing
SET-109 - Portable Suction Devices
SET-110 - IV Therapy Equipment
SET-111 - Cardiac Monitoring
SET-112 - Stretchers
SET-113 - Hypodermic Needles
SET-114 - Temperature and O2 Level Testing Devices
SET-115 - Portable Ultrsound
SET-116 - Airway Management Tools, Part 1
SET-117 - Airway Management Tools, Part 2


- Materials will be provided as and if required.




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