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We all grew up watching children's shows on television. Depending on what era you came from, you may have warm fuzzy feelings about Captain Kangaroo, Mister Rogers, The Shari Lewis Show, Sesame Street, etc.

Take a stroll down memory lane with these offerings.

For now, in this College, we hope to revisit those detectives on film we know and introduce some detectives that, in their time, were very popular, though now might not be ones that would immediately come to mind.

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BLC-101 - Blue's Clues

BKW-101 - Beakman's World

CKR-101 - Captain Kangaroo

CRG-101 - Curious George

MRN-101 - Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

RRB-101 - Reading Rainbow

SHL-101 - The Shari Lewis Show
SHL-102 - Shari Lewis-The Puppets

SST-101 - Sesame Street: Jim Henson
SST-102 - Sesame Street: The Muppets
SST-103 - Sesame Street: The Humans

TEC-101 - The Electric Company, Part 1
TEC-102 - The Electric Company, Part 2
TEC-103 - The Electric Company, Part 3

Source Materials Needed

Answers may be gleaned from the Internet. Sources are given on the exams.


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