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The College of Action and Drama Movies (COAD) consists of those movies that fall within the realm of Action and Drama. Some of the Schools that will be included in this College include the School of Tom Hanks Movies and the School of Romantic Drama Movies.

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School of Action & Drama Movies (COAD)

COAD-087 - St. Elmo's Fire

COAD-101 - Twister
COAD-110 - Non-Stop
COAD-112 - Alex Cross
COAD-116 - Chinese Zodiac
COAD-199 - Boondock Saints

COAD-205 - Flight Plan
COAD-210 - National Treasure
COAD-211 - National Treasure: Book of Secrets
COAD-212 - Tracers
COAD-213 – Philomena
COAD-215 – White House Down
COAD-217 – Taken (2008)
COAD-218 – Taken 2
COAD-219 - Taken 3
COAD 220 – Now You See Me
COAD-221 – Into the Storm
COAD 223 – Unstoppable (2010)
COAD 224 – The Imitation Game
COAD 226 - The Perfect Storm

School of Historical Drama (HD)

HD-009 - Spartacus
HD-010 - Gladiator
HD-011 - Sense and Sensibility
HD-012 - The Count of Monte Cristo
HD-015 - Robin Hood
HD-020 – Gone With The Wind
HD-030 – Dances with Wolves
HD-040 – Pride and Prejudice
HD-060 - Amadeus (Directors Cut)
HD-070 - Exodus-Gods and Kings
HD-080 - The Imitation Game
HD-081 - The Finest Hours
HD-090 – Everest (2015)
HD SEV-101 – Seven Samurai – Plot pt 1
HD SEV-102 – Seven Samurai – Plot pt 2
HD SEV-103 – Seven Samurai - Movie Facts

School of Romantic Drama Movies (RD)

RD-104 - Serendipity
RD-105 - Elizabethtown
RD-109 - His and Her Christmas
RD-111 - Urban Cowboy
RD-112 – The Fault in Our Stars
RD-114 - Footloose (1984)
RD-115 - Titanic (1997)
RD-116 - A Walk to Remember

School of Fast and Furious (SFF)

SFF-101 – The Fast and The Furious
SFF-102 – 2Fast 2Furious
SFF-103 – The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
SFF-104 – Fast and Furious (2009)
SFF-105 – Fast Five (2011)
SFF-106 – Fast and Furious 6
SFF-107 – Furious Seven (2015)

School of Indiana Jones (SIJ)

SIJ-101 - Raiders of the Lost Ark
SIJ-102 - Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
SIJ-103 - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
SIJ-104 - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

School of Special Operations(CSM)

CSM101 - G.I. Jane
SEALs training and deployment on an extraction/recovery mission to Libya

Black Hawk Down
Cooperation amoung SpecOps units from different branches of the Military and UN forces when a mission goes wrong in Somalia

CSM119 - Zero Dark Thirty

School of Tom Hanks Movies (STH)

STN-006 - The Money Pit
STH-012 - Turner and Hooch
STH-015 - Sleepless in Seattle
STH-019 - You've Got Mail
STH-020 - Forrest Gump
STH-024 - The DaVinci Code
STH 025 - Angels and Demons
STH-026 - A League of Their Own
STH-027 - Cast Away
STH-028 - Saving Mr. Banks
STH-029 - Catch Me if You Can
STH-030 - BIG
STH-032 - The Burbs


All questions can be answered using each exam's respective movie as reference.



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