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Who doesn't like a circus? This curriculum for circuses will take the student from the origins of the Circuses in Ancient Rome (Circus Maximus, Circus Flaminius, Circus Neronis, and Circus of Maxentius) to present day circuses and their attractions. Exams will also include subjects such as circuses around the globe, clowning, circus skills, and circus schools.

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COC-101 - Circus History, Part 1
COC-102 - Circus History, Part 2
COC-103 - Circus History, Part 3
COC-104 - Circus Maximus, Part 1
COC-105 - Circus Maximus, Part 2
COC-106 - Other Roman Circuses
COC-107 - Circus Vocabulary, Part 1
COC-108 - Circus Vocabulary, Part 2
COC-109 - Circus Vocabulary, Part 3
COC-110 - Philip Astley
COC-111 - John Ringling
COC-112 - P. T. Barnum
COC-113 - James Anthony Bailey
COC-114 - Emmett Kelly
COC-115 - Mabel Stark


Sources are provided on each exam.



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