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The College of Law Enforcement history studies the history of law enforcement from ancient time through the 2000. Included in this is the development of police forces and their most notable accoutrement the Police Badge.

Courses study the development of International policing and three of the US' more notable law enforcement agencies.

In crime and punishment the courses look at what was done once the criminal was brought to justice as well as the look at the differences and methods used in Corporal and Capital Punishment.

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School of Law Enforcement History(SLEH)

SLEH101 - Ancient Times to Middle Ages
SLEH102 - 1600 to 1900
SLEH103 - 1900 to Present
SLEH104 - Badges
SLEH105 - International Police
SLEH106 - FBI - Part 1
SLEH107 - FBI - Part 2
SLEH108 - Immigrations & Customs Enforcement
SLEH109 - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
SLEH110 - Crime and Punishment - Part 1
SLEH111 - Crime and Punishment - Part 2
SLEH112 - Corporal Punishment
SLEH113 - Capital Punishment - Part 1
SLEH114 - Capital Punishment - Part 2
SLEH115 - Comparison of Western Police Academies

The College of Famous Fires in History looks at examples of some of the most famous fires throughout history, their cause, and the eventual aftermath. These fires are not those related to actions of war, such as the Burning of Atlanta, but are those that were caused by non-military means.

SFH-101 - Firefighters in History
SFH-102 - The Great Fire of Rome of 63 BC
SFH-103a - The Great Fires of Britain, Part 1
SFH-103b - The Great Fires of Britain, Part 2
SFH-104 - The Great Fire of Moscow of 1547
SFH-105a - The Great Copenhagen Fire of 1728, Part 1
SFH-105b - The Great Copenhagen Fire of 1728, Part 2
SFH-106 - The Great Fire of Meireki, Japan of 1657
SFH-107a - The Great New York City Fires, Part 1
SFH-107b - The Great New York City Fires, Part 2
SFH-108 - The Great New Orleans, Fayetteville, and Raleigh Fires
SFH-109 - The Great Pittsburgh Fire of 1845
SFH-110 - The Great Boston Fire of 1872
SFH-111 - The Great Seattle Fire of 1889
SFH-112 - The Peshtigo Firestorm of 1871
SFH-113 - The San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906
SFH-114 - The Great Baltimore Fire of 1904
SFH-115 - The Great Atlanta Fire of 1917 and the Texas City Fire


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