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Here we look at the special units including the investigators of special crimes, the equipment the law enforcement uses, the psychology of law enforcement goes into the profiling and examinations of crimes.

These exams are based on law enforcement in the USA.

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School of Law Enforcement Assets (SLA)

SLA101 - Private Investigators - Part 1
SLA102 - Private Investigators - Part 2
SLA103 - Private Investigators - Part 3
SLA104 - Bail Enforcement Officers - Part 1
SLA105 - Bail Enforcement Officers - Part 2
SLA106 - Process Servers
SLA107 - Bodyguards
SLA108 - Bailiffs

School of Law Enforcement Resources (SLR)

SLR100 - Traffic Enforcement
SLR101 - K9 - Part 1
SLR102 - K9 - Part 2
SLR103 - Mounted and Water Units
SLR104 - Bike Patrol
SLR105 - Confidential Sources and Eye Witnesses
SLR106 - Motorcycles
SLR107 - Police Cars - Part 1
SLR108 - Community Policing
SLR109 - Air Units
SLR110 - Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

SLR201 - Advanced Biking Patrolling

School of Law Enforcement Investigative Units (SLU)

SLU100 - Crime Definitions
SLU101 - Domestic Abuse Units and Tenant Rights
SLU102 - Homicide Invesitigations
SLU103 - Burglary and Trespass Units
SLU104 - Fraud, White Collar Crimes
SLU105 - Computer Crime Investigation
SLU106 - Organized Crime
SLU107 - Sex Crimes - Part 1
SLU108 - Sex Crimes - Part 2
SLU109 - Gang Squad
SLU110 - Vice Crimes
SLU112 - Arson/Fire Investigations - Part 1
SLU113 - Arson/Fire Investigations - Part 2
SLU114 - Arson/Fire Investigations - Part 3

School of Psychology in Law Enforcement (SPLE)

SPLE101 - CSI Affect
SPLE102 - Profiling
SPLE103 - Hostage Negotiations
SPLE104 - Criminology
SPLE105 - Victimology
SPLE106 - Why Do People Waive Their Rights

School of VIP Protection (SVP)

SVP101 - Introduction
- Planning
- Venue Protection
- Transit Protection and Motocades
- Surveillance
SVP106 - Ambush and Coutermeasures
SVP107 - Social Interaction

- Hostage Survival
SVP109 - Movement

SVP208 - Advanced Hostage Negotiation


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