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The College of Worldwide Law Enforcement Agencies gives the student a look at the different ways Laws are enforced throughout the world. We look at who controls the Police, how they work and not only the differences but the similarities shared by law enforcement all over the world. In the courses we have given a wide range of locations but the arrangement has no particular order and does not show any special references.

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School of Agency (SOA)

SOA101 - Australia
SOA102 - Albania, Austria and Andorra
SOA103 - Belarus, Belgium and Bosnia
SOA104 - Croatia, Cyprus and Czech Republic
SOA105 - Denmark
SOA106 - Estonia, Latvia and Finland
SOA107 - Bermuda and Bahamas
SOA108 - Spain and Portugal
SOA109 - Canada
SOA110 - Brazil and Chili
SOA111 - France and Luxenburg
SOA112 - Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein
SOA113 - South Africa
SOA114 - Jordan
SOA115 - Japan and South Korea
SOA116 - Mexico
SOA117 - Netherlands
SOA118 - Iceland
SOA119 - Eqypt and Morocco
SOA120 - Greece
SOA121 - New Zealand
SOA122 - Israel
SOA123 - Turkey, Romania and The Vatican
SOA124 - Saudi Arabia
SOA125 - Norway and Sweden
SOA126 - Mainland China
SOA127 - United Kingdom
SOA128 - Thailand and Malaysia
SOA129 - The Phillippines
SOA130 - India
SOA131 - Italy
SOA132 - Russia, Poland and Romania
SOA133 - Ireland
SOA134 - Republic of China (Taiwan)
SOA135 - Panama and Colombia
SOA136 - Bangladesh and Myanmar
SOA137 - Europol and Interpol


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