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Sports have been a favorite pasttime for many since the dawn of time. From football to soccer to even the Olympics, sports attract several fans every year. The College of Sports Trivia (CST) provides students with a fun yet informative look at the Wide World of Sports. Courses will test a student's knowledge on various aspects of sports-related trivia.

Important: It is vital that you make sure you keep a copy of your results and certificate as proof of completing CST. Do not rely on the STARFLEET Database or anyone else to verify that you have completed CST or any other Academy course. The burden of proof is upon you, the student.

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Course Tuition

Course is free via email. For postal mail, $2.00 and a SALSE (Self Addressed Legal-Sized Stamped Envelope) is required.


CST-101 - Sports Trivia, Part 1
CST-102 - Sports Trivia, Part 2
CST-103 - Sports Trivia, Part 3
CST-104 - Sports Trivia, Part 4
CST-105 - Sports Trivia, Part 5
CST-106 - Sports Trivia, Part 6
CST-107 - Sports Trivia, Part 7
CST-108 - Sports Trivia, Part 8
CST-109 - Sports Trivia, Part 9

Source Materials Needed

You can use any reference source you desire to get the answer, but the only answer that will be accepted as correct is the one that will be on the answer key. There are no multiple choice, no true or false...just short answers for each question.


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