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The College of Mathematics deals with the various areas of Mathematics from the early years to today and within Star Trek.

You may take College of Mathematics level 100 class in any order. 200 and 300 level courses may have pre-requisites. See individul courses for detailed information.

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100 Level Courses
The 100 level courses look at the development of Math from the early Greek Philosophers to the present day. Provide a quick refresher on some math basics and a look at some math facts in the Star Trek world.

MATH101 –Early History to 1600AD

This course looks at the development of math from the early Greek philosophers to 1600AD.

Reference: Any good set of Encyclopedia's, Wikipedia

MATH 102 –History from 1600AD to the Present

This course looks at some of the awards available to mathematics as well as a few individuals that made notable contributions to math from 1600AD to the present day.

Reference: Wikipedia

MATH 103 – Math Refresher

This course is a review of Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Logarithms, Metric System and converting temperatures from Celsius to Fahrenheit and back again. You will need a calculator with the 'Log' function as well as basic Trigonometry functions to complete this course. A formula reference sheet is provided.

MATH 104 – Math in Star Trek
This course examines math in the Star Trek world.
Reference: Memory Alpha, Star, Star Trek Encyclopedia

MATH 105 - Ancient Eqyptian Math
MATH 106 - Ancient Hebrew Numbers

Counting using ancient Hebrew symbols.

MATH 107 - Introduction to Trigonometry

MATH 108 - Introduction to Algebra
MATH 108A - Polynomials and FOIL

200 Level Courses
The 200 level courses will deal with specialised and in depth looks at various math topics.

MATH201 – Introduction to Numbering Systems

This course will look at four different numbering systems: Binary, Decimal, Hexadecimal and Octal.

MATH202 – Introduction to Boolean Algerbra

This course will provide an introduction into the math of solid state electronics.

Pre-requisites: MATH103 & MATH201

School of Economics

EC-101 –Money
EC-102 –Trade
EC-103 –Business
EC-104 –Business Systems
EC-107 –The Eurosystem
EC-108 –The Federal Reserve (USA)

ECSI-101.1 –Basic Investing 1
ECSI-101.2 –Basic Investing 2


  • Refer to each course above for the references applicable to each.



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