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The College of Acoustic Technology (COAT) is made up of courses which are designed to provide the student with an expanded knowledge of acoustic technology in everyday life as well as acoustics in music. The material was derived from websites provided by Wikipedia and verified using the Encyclopedia Britannica.

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College of Acoustic Technology

COAT-101 - Introduction to Acoustics, Part 1
COAT-102 - Introduction to Acoustics, Part 2
COAT-103 - Introduction to Acoustics, Part 3
COAT-104 - Introduction to Acoustics, Part 4
COAT-105 - Introduction to Acoustics, Part 5
COAT-106 - Musical Acoustics, Part 1
COAT-107 - Musical Acoustics, Part 2
COAT-108 - Musical Acoustics, Part 3
COAT-109 - Musical Acoustics, Part 4
COAT-110 - Musical Acoustics, Part 5
COAT-111 - Musical Acoustics, Part 6

Source Materials Needed

URL's will be provided with each exam.


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