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The aliens are coming! The aliens are coming! Whether it was from the 1950's, the 80's/90's or the 21st century, there have always been aliens or the threat of aliens on television and on the silver screen. They could be a rather smart-mouthed furry alien that liked cats as a meal or someone who could pass as your uncle. They could be scary and unknown or they could be that strange guy in the next apartment who sits upside down in chairs.

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ALN101 - Aliens Series: Alien (I)
ALN102 - Aliens Series: Aliens (II)
ALN103.1 - Aliens Series: Masters Series 1 (V)
ALN104 - Aliens Series: USCM Weapons
ALN105 - Aliens Series: Aliens3 (III)
ALN106 - Aliens Series: Resurrection (IV)

AVP101 - Aliens vs. Predator

BSH101 - Battleship

CAA101 - Cowboys and Aliens

DRK101 - Dark City

ENM101 - Enemy Mine

SOF205 - Farscape: Spotlight on Aeryn Sun
SOF208 - Farscape: Spotlight on D'Argo
SOF210 - Farscape: Spotlight on John Crichton

FEL101 - Fifth Element

GLQ101 - Galaxy Quest: Characters
GLQ102 - Galaxy Quest: Main Characters
GLQ103 - Galaxy Quest: Technology
GLQ104 - Galaxy Quest: Trivia

HHG101 - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

IDF101 - Independence Day: Characters
IDF102 - Independence Day: Technology
IDF103 - Independence Day: Trivia

LSF101 - The Last Starfigther: Characters
LSF102 - The Last Starfigther: Technology
LSF103 - The Last Starfigther: Trivia

MAM101 - Mork and Mindy: Characters
MAM103 - Mork and Mindy: Trivia

PAU101 - Paul: All About Paul
PAU102 - Paul: Characters
PAU103 - Paul: Tech and Trivia

SNS101 - Signs

SST103 - Starship Troopers 3: Marauder

WOW-101 - The War of the Worlds (1953)
WOW-102 - The War of the Worlds (2005)

WTM-101 - Escape to Witch Mountain




Most exams may be completed from Internet sources alone, while some exams may require access to the individual episodes.



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