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Never read the Robot Series novels? No problem. These courses provide an excellent opportunity to gain easy exposure to the entire series without reading the novels. Although, we do hope you will enjoy Asimov’s Robot Series and wish to immerse yourself in the books. The Asimov Robot College provides an easy introductory approach to the science fiction novels that feature the Robot series as created by author Isaac Asimov, and continued through works approved by the Asimov estate.

Begin with an overview of the series with ARC 101 – Asimov Robot Series Overview, and then work your way through his short stories and novels. Twenty-five multiple-choice, true or false and fill-in-the-blank questions with a list of references for researching the answers make the courses user-friendly.

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ARC-101 - Asimov Robot Series Overview
25 multiple-choice questions give you a basic outline of Asimov’s short stories and novels.

ARC-102 - Three Laws of Robotics
This course provides an introduction into what makes Asimov’s robots tick.

ARC-103 - The Robot Series – I, Robot – Part 1
One of Asimov’s most beloved series, I, Robot begins a look at his short stories with “Robbie”

ARC-104 - The Robot Series – I, Robot – Part 2
Asimov’s short stories – “Runaround” and “Reason”

ARC-105 - The Robot Series – I, Robot – Part 3
“Catch That Rabbit” and “Liar!”, more Asimov short story excitement!

ARC-106 - The Robot Series – I, Robot – Part 4
Continue with Asimov’s short stories – “Little Lost Robot” and “Escape!”

ARC-107 - The Robot Series – I, Robot – Part 5
Do robots have civil rights? Can you tell a robot from a human? Find out in “Evidence” and “The Evitable Conflict”

ARC-108 - The Rest of the Robots – Part 1
The Coming of the Robots proves a robot’s “life” is never easy.

ARC-109 - The Rest of the Robots – Part 2
Are laws made to be broken? What about the Laws of Robotics?

ARC-110 - The Rest of the Robots – Part 3
Are robots more trouble than they are worth?

ARC-111 - The Complete Robot – Part 1
Meet some non-human robots.

ARC-112 - The Complete Robot – Part 2
What good is an immobile robot?

ARC-113 - The Complete Robot – Part 3
Here come the metallic robots!

ARC-114 - The Complete Robot – Part 4
Humanoid lady robots and other short stories

ARC-115 - The Complete Robot – Part 5
“What is man that thou are mindful of Him?”

ARC-116 - The Caves of Steel
Considered one of Asimov’s best novels

ARC-117 - The Naked Sun
Does “Thou shalt not commit murder” apply to robots”?

ARC-118 - The Robots of Dawn
Asimov’s award-nominated novel.

ARC-119 - Robots & Empire
Humans and robots head out into the galaxy.

Source Materials Needed

All internet sources are listed with each exam. NO BOOKS REQUIRED


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