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The College of Dune (COD) provides an introductory approach to the science fiction novels that feature the Dune Universe as created by author Frank Herbert. Never read the Dune novels? No problem. These courses provide an excellent opportunity to gain easy exposure to the entire series without reading the novels. Although, we do hope you will enjoy Dune and wish to immerse yourself in the books.

Begin with the first novel, Dune, and work your way through the original six novels. Twenty-five questions with multiple-choice answers and a list of references for researching the answers make the courses user-friendly. But don't stop there. Continue into the modern Dune era with prequels and sequels penned by Herbert's son, Brian, and co-author, Kevin J. Anderson. Sallamaka al-lahu wa-nasaraka!

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Classic Dune

DUN-101 - Dune (Novel, 1965)
25 multiple-choice questions give you a basic outline of this classic science-fiction masterpiece.

DUN-102 - Dune - Plot (Novel, 1965)
This course provides a more in-depth look at the award-winning story that began this epic saga.

DUN-103 - Dune - Analysis (Novel, 1965)
Where did Frank Herbert get the idea for Dune? What did he want you to take away from the experience?

DUN-104 - Dune - Major Characters, Part 1 (Novel, 1965)
A rebellious Lady produces an heir for her beloved Duke. Has prophecy been fulfilled?

DUN-105 - Dune - Major Characters, Part 2 (Novel, 1965)
Grand schemes are thwarted and the peace is threatened when a male heir is born.

DUN-106 - Dune - Other Characters (Novel, 1965)
From minstrels to Mentats, never underestimate the power of the common people.

DUN-107 - Dune - The Houses (Novel, 1965)
There's constant plotting between Houses, sometimes forming an alliance to thwart or destroy a mutually rival House.

DUN-108 - Dune - Groups and Organizations (Novel, 1965)
Secretive and powerful, these are the select few who really rule the known universe.

DUN-109 - Dune - Technology (Novel, 1965)
Would you eat it, fight with it, or fly it?

DMS-101 - Dune Messiah - Overview & Plot (Novel, 1969)
Paul hopes to set humanity on a safe course, but a conspiracy threatens to derail his plans.

COD-101 - Children of Dune - Overview & Plot (Novel, 1976)
The old ways erode and the Imperial High Council is powerless to control the fanatical soldiers on an interstellar jihad.

GED-101 - God Emperor of Dune - Overview & Plot (Novel, 1981)
Paul's children continue the struggle to prevent humanity's ultimate destruction.

HOD-101 - Heretics of Dune - Overview & Plot (Novel, 1984)
From all across the universe, humanity is coming home...and they are bent on conquest!

CHD-101 - Chapterhouse: Dune - Overview & Plot (Novel, 1985)
When two disparate groups of gifted women fight for control of the universe, ultimate survival is the prize.

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