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The College of Science Fiction Writers (CSFW) provides a scholarly approach to science fiction. It concentrates on the authors who have produced a range of science fiction and other works in the real world.

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Introduction to Literature

BLT-101 - Basic Literature Terminology
BLT-201 - Applying Literature Terminology

School of American Science Fiction Writers

ADF-101 - Alan Dean Foster, Part 1
ADF-102 - Alan Dean Foster, Part 2
ADF-103 - Alan Dean Foster, Part 3

AIM-101 - Anne McCaffrey - The Early Years
AIM-102 - Anne McCaffrey - The Dragon Years
AIM-103 - Anne McCaffrey - The Novels, Part 1
AIM-104 - Anne McCaffrey - The Novels, Part 2

ASI-101 - Isaac Asimov, the Man
ASI-102 - Science Fiction of Isaac Asimov

ERB-101 - Edgar Rice Burroughs
ERB-102 - Amtor - The Venus Series
ERB-103 - Barsoom - The Mars Series
ERB-104 - Caspak and Moon Trilogy
ERB-105 - Pellucidar
ERB-106 - Other Works

HCS-101 - Hal Clement, Part 1
HCS-102 - Hal Clement, Part 2

IRW-101 - Irwin Allen

JBB-101 - James Blish, Part 1
JBB-102 - James Blish, Part 2
JBB-103 - James Blish, Part 3

PAD-101 - Peter David, Part 1
PAD-102 - Peter David, Part 2
PAD-103 - Peter David, Part 3

RAH-101 - Robert A. Heinlein
RAH-102 - Planet and Moon Novels
RAH-103 - Space Novels
RAH-104 - Time Novels

TZN-101 - Timothy Zahn, Part 1
TZN-102 - Timothy Zahn, Part 2
TZN-103 - Timothy Zahn, Part 3

School of United Kingdom Science Fiction Writers

ACC-101 - Arthur C. Clarke
ACD-101 - Arthur Conan Doyle
CSL-101 - C. S. Lewis

DNA-101 - Douglas Adams, Part 1
DNA-102 - Douglas Adams, Part 2

GAT-101 - Mark Gatiss

HGW-101 - H. G. Wells
HGW-102 - The Time Machine
HGW-103 - The Invisible Man
HGW-104 - The Island of Dr. Moreau
HGW-105 - The War of the Worlds

HUX-101 - Aldous Huxley
PRA-101 - Terry Pratchett
RUD-101 - Rudyard Kipling
TER-101 - Terrance Dicks

Source Materials Needed

Sources are indicated on individual course materials.


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