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The College is divided up into six (6) schools covering the history off the NASA Space program.

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Note: The courses do not ahve to be taken in order, and you do not have to complete one school to continue to the next.

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$2.00, LSASE (Legal-size Self Addressed Stamped Envelope)
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School of Apollo Missions

APPO-101 - Apollo 1 to 10
APPO-102 - Apollo 11
APPO-103 - Apollo 12
APPO-104 - Apollo 13
APPO-105 - Apollo 14 to 15
APPO-106 - Apollo 16 to 17

School of Gemini Missions

GEM-101 - Gemini, Part 1
GEM-102 - Gemini, Part 2
GEM-103 - Gemini, Part 3
GEM-104 - Gemini, Part 4

School of Mercury Missions

MERC-101 - Mercury, Part 1
MERC-102 - Mercury, Part 2
MERC-103 - Mercury, Part 3

School of Skylab Missions

SKYL-101 - Skylab Program Start
SKYL-102 - Skylab I and II
SKYL-103 - Skylab II
SKYL-104 - Skylab III
SKYL-105 - Skylab IV

School of Apollo-Soyuz Joint Mission

ASTP-101 - Apollo-Soyuz Program 1
ASTP-102 - Apollo-Soyuz Program 2
ASTP-103 - Apollo-Soyuz Program 3


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