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The College of Space Psychology is an introduction to the study of the physiological and psychological effects of prolonged space exploration.

- Why do we need gravity?
- What dangers there are from too much team-work?
- Is there an ideal crew composition?

With the coming mission to Mars, are there any unique challenges we need to be concerned about? Students in this college will gain an understanding of these questions and many others.

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SPSY-101 – The Human Factors in Space Exploration

SPSY-102 –Physiological Stressors Effecting Performance, PT1

SPSY-103 - Physiological Stressors Effecting Performance, PT2

SPSY-104 - Physiological Stressors Effecting Performance, PT3

SPSY-105 - Psychological Stressors Effecting Performance, PT1

SPSY-106 - Psychological Stressors Effecting Performance, PT2

SPSY-107 - Long-term Space Flight and a Mission to Mars

SPSY-108 - Long Term Spaceflight & a Mission to Mars The Effects of Hypomagnetic Esxposure.

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