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This College will allow the student to learn about various historical Naval Vessels from several countries around the world. It will cover classes of vessels from submarines to destroyers, cruisers to battleships, and aircraft carriers. Vessels from various time periods will be covered. Exams will be mostly short answer with some true/false and multiple choice. Each exam will have a manual or links to online resources for the information. Please note that all exams will be broken down into ship types, not specific eras.

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CHNV-SS101 - USS Tang
CHNV-SS102 - USS Trigger
CHNV-SS103 - USS Wahoo
CHNV-SS104 - USS Barb
CHNV-SS105 - USS Harder

CHNV-SS201 - U85
CHNV-SS202 - U352
CHNV-SS203 - U701
CHNV-SS204A - U505 Part 1
CHNV-SS204B - U505 Part 2
CHNV-SS204C - U505 Part 3

CHNV-SS301A - I-400 Part 1
CHNV-SS301B - I-400 Part 2
CHNV-SS302 - I-25
CHNV-SS303 - I-201



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