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The college brings forth historical aspects of strategy and tactics by reviewingpersons, places and methods. Through this the student learns to apply strategic solutions to problems, finding successful plans for even the most dire of situations. Later courses tie in the Star Trek universe to the already learned aspects of strategy and tactics on both ship to ship and fleet actions.

Upon successful completion of these courses, the student will have a basic working knowledge of strategy and tactics and should be able to apply these concepts to everyday life as well as military situations.

The College of Strategy and Tactics focuses on expanding a students knowledge of the basic roots and applied methods of strategy and tactics. You will study historical figures, campaigns, strategies and events. From these you learn to apply this knowledge in the Star Trek universe and in every day life.

The courses must be taken in order, (i.e., you can only take COST-201 if you have already passed COST-101 and COST-102).

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COST101 - Strategy and Tactics - The Basics

This covers the foundation of strategy and tactics. On top of concepts, the course covers basic principles of maneuver and attack. After completing this course, the student will have a better understanding of what strategy and tactics are, and the different parts encompassed by them.


COST102 - Strategy and Tactics (Advanced Concepts)

This course takes the basics you learned in the previous course and teaches you to apply them to different situations. After completing this course, the student will have an understanding of how strategy and tactics work and directly affect the outcome of any situation.

Pre-Requisite: COST101

COST201 - Strategy and Tactics in Star Trek

This course takes all information learned thus far and shows how it is applied in the Star Trek universe. The student then learns how to see the methods and ideas used in different plans and operations. After completing this course, the student will be familiar with different strategies and tactics used in Star Trek.


COST301 - Strategy and Tactics (You're the Admiral)

This course requires you to provide optimum tactics and/or strategy to save the day by using the information you have learned from the previous courses. After completing this course, the student will have an understanding of how to employ strategy in different situations.

isite: COST201

COST302 - Strategy and Tactics (Comparisons)

This course allows the student to choose two commanders and battles from different eras of Earth's history via a comparison and contrast type of essay. The student will select the thesis topics and submit to the director for approval. Upon approval of the thesis topic, the student will write a minimum two page paper discussing the various strategies and topics utilized by the commanders in the selected battles and why they were or were not successful.

Note: Students who wish to write on non-Earth leaders/battles (fictional accounts) will be permitted, with the understanding that the resulting fiction will be presented in the same basic manner as the Earth-Based (non-fictional) papers.




The only materials absolutely necessary are the course manual and several Star Trek episodes and Movies, it is highly recommended that other Strategy and Tactic books be read. Such books include Sun Tzu: Art of War, B.H. Liddel Hart: Strategy, etc, which can be found in either most bookstores or libraries, can only help.



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