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The College of Security in Trek allows the student to study most aspects of security, as it relates to the Star Trek universe. The exams provide in depth knowledge of policy and procedures, command structure, general security, and specific alert status aboard a starship.

Course Tuition:
Available by mail for $1.00 and 3 Loose First-Class Stamps
Available for free by email or through the Fully Automated Course (FAC)

About the FAC Program:
The FAC program provides a "Warp Speed" fully automated solution. Each step is at your pace and you never have to wait on the Director. For any of the Fully Automated Courses, you can register, view or download the course manual, take the course examination and have a customized diploma presented to you, all online!!!

Special Note: FAC grades are not automatically entered into the STARFLEET database. They are reviewed by the course's Director prior to being entered to ensure accuracy and eligibility. All students should check the STARFLEET database in approximately to two weeks. If this course is not shown in the database at that time, please contact the course's Director.

CST-001 or (FAC) - General Security

CST-002 or (FAC) - Section 31

CST-003 or (FAC) - Federation Security

CST-004 or (FAC) - Security Chief

CST-005 or (FAC) - Security Clearances

CST-006 - Security Alerts

CST-007 - Color Alerts - Part 1

CST-008 - Color Alerts - Part 2

CST-009 - Intruder Alert

CST-010 - General Alerts - Part 1

CST-011 - General Alerts - Part 2

CST-012 - General Alert - Part 3

CST-013 - General Alert - Part 4

CST-014 - General Alert - Part 5

CST-015 - General Alert - Part 6

CST-016 - General Alert - Part 7

CST-017 - Other Security - Part 1

CST-018 - Other Security - Part 2

CST-019 - Other Security - Part 3

CST-020 - Transponder Signals and Prefix Codes

CST-021 - Security Codes

CST-022 - Access Codes

CST-023 - Command Authorization - Part 1

CST-024 - Command Authorization - Part 2

CST-025 - Command Authorization - Part 3

CST-026 - Redshirts - Part 1

CST-027 - Redshirts - Part 2

CST-028 - Redshirts Tropes 1

CST-029 - Redshirts Tropes 2

CST-030 - Redshirts Tropes 3

CST-031 - Redshirts Tropes 4

CST-032 - Redshirts Tropes 5

CST-033 - Redshirts Tropes 6


All College of Security in Trek courses utilize Memory Alpha, Memory Beta and where applicable, written manuals, to obtain the information for accurately answering the exam questions.



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