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The College of Federation Studies explores the history, treaties, wars and laws of the United Federation of Planets. It also introduces the specs of the Enterprise and the early lives and later careers of various Starfleet Captains.

Members who have credit for the previous version of the COFS may retake these exams. Students will have 10 weeks to complete any test, but extensions can be requested.

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Starfleet Captains

This School explores the early lives and the later careers of various Starfleet Captains. The topics skip over their televised and movie Captaincy years, since this period of time is covered in the College of Treknology.

SFC101 - Archer
SFC102 - Pike
SFC103 - April
SFC104 - Kirk
SFC105 - Picard
SFC106 - Sisko
SFC107 - Janeway
SFC108 - Jellico
SFC109 - Calhoun
SFC110 - Shelby
SFC111 - Decker
SFC112 - Harriman
SFC113 - Garrett
SFC114 - Riker

History of the Enterprise

This School briefly covers the specs of various major vessels in the UFP. The actual missions of the Enterprise are covered in the College of Treknology.

HOTE101 - NX-01
HOTE102 - NCC-1701 & 1701-A
HOTE103 - NCC 1701-B & 1701-C
HOTE104 - NCC 1701-D
HOTE105 - NCC 1701-E

History of Federation Law

This School covers major treaties of the UFP.

HOFL101 - Articles of the Federation
HOFL102 - Early UFP Treaties
HOFL103 - Treaty of Algeron
HOFL104 - Klingon-UFP Treaties
HOFL105 - Cardassian-UFP Treaties

HOFL201 - Sentient - Androids
HOFL202 - Sentient - Machines
HOFL203 - Sentient - Symbiotic Beings
HOFL204 - Sentient - Holograms

History of the United Federation of Planets

This School covers the history and the Presidents who led the UFP.

HUFP100 - Presidents of the UFP
HUFP101 - The Early Years
HUFP102 - The Movie Years
HUFP103 - Early 24th Century
HUFP104 - Mid 24th Century I
HUFP105 - Mid 24th Century II
HUFP106 - Mid 24th Century III

Federation Economics

ECST-101 - Monetary Units
ECST-102 - Intergalactic Economics
ECST-103 - Profit and Loss (DS9/VOY)
ECST-104 - Let's Make a Deal (DS9/VOY)


Online sources as listed on exams or the following publications:

Star Trek Enscyclopedia By Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda, and Debbie Mirek
Star Trek Chronology By Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda
Star Fleet Technical Manual By Franz Joseph


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