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This College is all about the major actors in Star Trek; details about their personal lives, their other roles outside of Star Trek, theiur other professions and their charity work. Students will have 10 weeks to complete any test, but extensions can be requested.

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Enterprise Actors

CSTA-060 - Scott Bakula
CSTA-061 - John Billingsley
CSTA-062 - Jolene Blalock
CSTA-063 - Dominic Keating
CSTA-064 - Anthony Montgomery
CSTA-065 - Linda Park
CSTA-066 - Connor Trinneer
CSTA-067 - Gary Graham
CSTA-068 - Matt Winston
CSTA-069 - Ada Maris
CSTA-070 - John Fleck
CSTA-071 - Randy Oglesby
CSTA-072 - Scott MacDonald
CSTA-073 - Tucker Smallwood
CSTA-074 - Rick Worthy

The Orginal Series Actors

CSTA101 - William Shatner
CSTA102 - Leonard Nimoy
CSTA103 - DeForest Kelley
CSTA104 - James Doohan
CSTA105 - Nichelle Nichols
CSTA106 - Walter Keonig
CSTA107 - George Takei
CSTA108 - Mark Lenard
CSTA109 - Grace Lee Whitney
CSTA110 - Jeffrey Hunter
CSTA111 - John Hoyt
CSTA112 - Jane Wyatt
CSTA113 - Ricardo Montalban
CSTA114 - John Colicos

The Next Generation Actors

CSTA132 - Patrick Stewart
CSTA133 - Jonathan Frakes
CSTA134 - Brent Spiner
CSTA135 - LeVar Burton
CSTA136 - Michael Dorn
CSTA137 - Gates McFadden
CSTA138 - Wil Wheaton
CSTA139 - Marina Sirtis
CSTA140 - Denise Crosby
CSTA141 - Colm Meany
CSTA142 - Whoopie Goldberg
CSTA143 - Michelle Forbes
CSTA144 - Dwight Schultz
CSTA145 - John DeLancie

Deep Space Nine Actors

CSTA163 - Avery Brooks
CSTA164 - Nana Visitor
CSTA165 - Terry Farrell
CSTA166 - Alexander Siddig
CSTA167 - Rene Auberjonois
CSTA168 - Andrew Robinson
CSTA169 - Armin Sherman
CSTA170 - Marc Alaimo
CSTA171 - J. G. Hertzler
CSTA172 - Jeffrey Combs
CSTA173 - Max Grodenchik
CSTA174 - Nicole de Boer
CSTA175 - Robert O'Reilly
CSTA176 - Cirroc Lofton

Voyager Actors

CSTA194 - Kate Mulgrew
CSTA195 - Robert Beltran
CSTA196 - Tim Russ
CSTA197 - Roxanna Dawson
CSTA198 - Robert Duncan McNeill
CSTA199 - Garrett Wang
CSTA200 - Ethan Phillips
CSTA201 - Robert Picardo
CSTA202 - Jeri Ryan
CSTA203 - Jennifer Lien
CSTA204 - Scarlett Pomers
CSTA205 - Martha Hackett
CSTA206 - John Rhys-Davies



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