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The College of Star Trek Episodes is a series of courses that are designed to test your knowledge and observational skills of the various episodes of Star Trek. Access to the episodes (Video/DVD/Internet) is required.

The Director welcomes constructive and helpful feedback on the courses. Please contact the Director at the email address listed above.

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Star Trek: The Original Series

TOS-001 - Where No Man Has Gone Before
TOS-002 - The Man Trap
TOS-009 (FAC) - Balance of Terror
TOS-017 (FAC) - Shore Leave
TOS-024 (FAC) - Space Seed
TOS-028 (FAC) - The City on the Edge of Forever
TOS-034 (FAC) - Amok Time
TOS-035 (FAC) - The Doomsday Machine
TOS-037 (FAC) - The Changeling
TOS-039 (FAC) - Mirror, Mirror
TOS-042 (FAC) - The Trouble with Tribbles
TOS-049 (FAC) - A Piece of the Action
TOS-055 (FAC) - Assignment: Earth
TOS-056 (FAC) - Spectre of the Gun

Star Trek: The Next Generation

TNG-101 - Encounter at Farpoint
TNG-102 - The Naked Now
TNG-103 - Code of Honor
TNG-104 - The Last Outpost
TNG-105 - Where No One Has Gone Before
TNG-106 - Lonely Among Us
TNG-107 - Justice
TNG-108 - The Battle
TNG-109 - Hide and Q
TNG-110 - Haven

Source Materials Needed

Access to the individual episodes is necessary for successfully completing these courses.


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