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NOTE: Courses are to be taken in order, i.e. COTP101 to be completed before requesting COPT201 etc.

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Course Tuition:
$2.00, LSASE (Legal-size Self Addressed Stamped Envelope), 2 Loose First-Class Stamps per course or available for free by email or online.

COTP-101 - Basics of Temporal Physics
Introduction to basic temporal physics terminology as well as give an overview of time travel as it relates to Star Trek.

COTP-110 - Kirk Era
Time travel during James T. Kirk's time period.

COTP-201 - Agent's Survival Course
Significant events in Star Trek history as it relates to time travel.

COTP-301 - Temporal Theory
Foundations of various theories regarding time travel, its dangers, and the physics behind it.

COTP-350 - Star Trek: Of Gods and Men
Course pertaining to the independent film from Renegade Studios.

COTP-351 - Starship Farragut: For Want of a Nail

COTP-352 - Star Trek Phase II: In Harm's Way

COTP-353 - Star Trek Phase II: World Enough and Time

COTP-354 - Starship Farragut: The Needs of the Many

COTP-355 - Star Trek Phase II: Mind-Sifter

COTP-401 - Essay on Time Travel
The topic must have a tie-in to Star Trek, and will be chosen by the student and approved by the Director.



Course materials will be provided if required.

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