The following Squadron Awards recognize academic achievement.  The best students are selected from each College within the timeframe covering the previous calendar year.  This cutoff date allows Directors to get all their nominations up the chain of command, and allows time to produce the many certificates needed in time for the International Conference.  The Academy Awards Director will announce the cut off dates and when nominations need to be entered.

All Squadron Awards are listed in the respective student's records for historical purposes.


In 1993, with the help of Denise Dugan (former Director of the College of History) the Academy established Honors Graduates Awards to recognize outstanding achievement within a 12-month period covering the previous calendar year.

These awards have been renamed "Red Squad" or "Red Squadron", and consist of the "Best" students which have attended STARFLEET Academy.

Each year at IC, the top student from each College is awarded a Red Squad Award.  Only non-Cadet Colleges issue Red Squad Awards.  Each Director nominates the top student from his or her respective College.


Blue Squad Awards are give to the "Best" Cadet students who have attended STARFLEET Academy.  The procedure is the same as for Red Squad, except that only Cadet Colleges participate.


Gold Squad Awads are given for family involvement at the College level.  The family that achieves the "best of the best" status, as a family, within a respective College, shall receive a Gold Squad Award for that College.  These awards are a joint effort between the College Directors, Cadet College Directors, and Command Staff of the Academy.


The top student among the Red Squadron, Blue Squadron, and Gold Squadron members are chosen as Leaders of their respective Squadron, which reflects their leadership skills while in attendance at the Academy.

Assistant Red, Blue, and Gold Squadron Leaders are chosen from the persons who came in second in their respective category.


Each year, the Staff of the Academy bestow awards on the best of their peers.  Director of the Year, College of the Year, Institute Dean of the Year, Institute of the Year, Support Staff Member of the Year, and the Commandant's Star Award are given to those Staff persons who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve the membership as a whole.


The Boothby Awards are given on the basis of how many courses a member has passed at both the STARFLEET Academy and the STARFLEET Marine Corps Academy throughout his or her tenure with STARFLEET.  Boothby Awards are given monthly, based on the total number of courses passed, and listed in the member's records for historical purposes.  The top awardees shall be announced at IC.  Winners throughout the year will be announced in the CQ.

List of Awards - Number of Courses:

Bronze - 50
Silver - 100
Gold - 150
Latinum - 200
Diamond - 250
Dilithium - 300
Titanium - 350
Zirconium - 400
Platinum - 450
Trilithium - 500
Amber - 550
Garnet - 600
Topaz - 650
Amethyst - 700
Pearl - 750
Opal - 800
Sapphire - 850
Ruby - 900
Emerald - 950
Omega - 1000
Bronze Star - 1050
Truman Temple - 1100
Gold Star - 1150
Latinum Star - 1200
Diamond Star - 1250
Dilithium Star - 1300
Titanium Star - 1350
Zirconium Star - 1400
Platinum Star - 1450
Trilithium Star - 1500
Amber Star - 1550
Garnet Star - 1600
Topaz Star - 1650
Amethyst Star - 1700
Pearl Star - 1750
Opal Star - 1800
Sapphire Star - 1850
Ruby Star - 1900
Emerald Star - 1950
Omega Star - 2000
Acamar Star - 2050
Aldebaran Star - 2100
Alpha Centauri - 2150
Altair Star - 2200
Amargosa Star - 2250
Antares Star - 2300
Arcturus Star - 2350
B'hava'el Star - 2400
Barradas - 2450
Bellatrix Star - 2500
Benzite Star - 2550
Betelgeuse Star - 2600
Bolarus Star - 2650
Breen Star - 2700



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