SFA Awards Winners for 2007-2008
SFA Awards Winners for 2006-2007

SFA Awards Winners for 2005-2006

SFA Awards Winners for 2004-2005

Commandant's Star
Carol Thompson - 1st to receive award

Support Staff Member of the Year
Scott A. Anderson Sr. (Chief, Awards Program)

Institute of the Year

Institute of Military Studies
- College of Security (Gregory S. Staylor)
- College of Special Operations Training (Glendon Diebold
- College of Starship Operations (Willis B. J. Burhans)
- College of Strategy and Tactics (Bruce O'Brien)
- College of Survival Studies (Glendon Diebold)
- Marine Unit Readiness Program (Bruce O'Brien)
- Vessel Readiness Certification Program (Carol Thompson)

Dean of the Year
George Ann Wheeler (Institute of Science Fiction Studies)

College of the Year
College of Special Operations Training (Glendon Diebold)

Director of the Year

Glendon Diebold
- College of Special Operations Training
- College of Survival Studies
- College of Intelligence Operations

Red Squad

Red Squad Leader:
Linda Flythe

Assistant Red Squad Leaders:
Josephine Fisher
Gary "Tiny" Wayne Hollified Jr.

Institute of Leadership Studies
Officer's Training College - no nominee
Officer's Command College - Julie L. Rickard
Flag Officer's School - Scott Christopher Scahller
STARFLEET Officer's Leadership College - Michael John Timko III
College of Recruiting - Jeffrey Scott Triz

Institute of Foreign Affairs
College of Down Under - Ros Haywood
School of New Zealand - Jacinda Thorsen
College of European Studies - Donald Dobrin

Institute of Arts
College of Communications - no nominee
College of Economics - Josephine Fisher
College of Genealogy - Linda Flythe
College of Law - no nominee
College of Mythological Studies - Teresa Remaly

Institute of Alien Studies
Andorian Orientation College - Ricardo Garcia
Cardassian Orientation College- Shawn Gregory
College of Borg Technology - Gary "Tiny" Wayne Hollified Jr.
The Gorn Academy - Brian M. Pickett
Klingon Warrior Academy - Paula Carberry
Romulan Orientation College - Brian M. Pickett
Vulcan Orientation College - Diana Hickman
College of Xeno Studies - no nominee

Institute of Intelligence & Espionage
College of Bond, James Bond - Hillary Miller-Gray
College of Cryptography - no nominee
College of Intelligence in Media - Larry Dale French Sr.
College of Intelligence Operations - Jill Michelle Tipton
College of Intelligence in Sci-Fi - Douglas Wayne Mayo
College of Military Intelligence - no nominee

Institute of Military Studies
College of Security - Steve Talbot
School of Security in Trek - Thomas Pawelczak
College of Starship Operations - Bill Rowlette
College of Strategy & Tactics - Carol Thompson
College of Survival Studies - Amy L'abbe

Institute of Science Fiction Studies
College of Fantasy Realm - Linda Flythe
College of Macabre - no nominee
College of Sci-Fi Cinema - Nancy Joan O'Shields
College of Sci-Fi Television - Josephine Fisher
College of Star Wars - no nominee

Institute of Science & Technology
College of Archaeology & Anthropology - Ricardo Garcia
College of Computer History - Donald Dobrin
College of Engineering - no nominee
College of Mathematics - Linda Flythe
College of Medicine - Morgan Hahn
STARFLEET Officer's Radio School - Erik Stubblefield
College of Temporal Physics - Gary "Tiny" Wayne Hollified Jr.
Vulcan Academy of Science - Larry Dale French Sr.

Institute of Star Trek Studies
College of Federation Studies - no nominee
College of Parallel Studies -Ken Purdie
College of Star Trek Chronology - Lee Vitasek
College of Star Trek Literature - Linda Flythe
College of Treknology - no nominee

Blue Squad

Blue Squad Leader:
Amber Rowlette

Assistant Blue Squad Leader:
Jacob Taylor Hollified

Institute of Cadet Studies
Cadet College of Borg Technology - Matthew Wiebe
Cadet Cardassian Orientation College - Jacob Taylor Hollified
Cadet College of History - no nominee
Cadet College of Law - no nominee
Cadet Preparatory School - no nominee
Cadet Romulan Orientation College - Amber Rowlette
College of Sci-Fi Cinema - Andrew R. F. Topp
Cadet College of Security - Jacob Taylor Hollified
Cadet Vulcan Academy of Science - no nominee
Cadet Vulcan Orientation College - Sean Carpenter
Cadet College of Xeno Studies - Amber Rowlette

Gold Squad

Gold Squad Leader:
Bill Rowlette
Sharon Rowlette

Assistant Gold Squad Leader:
Larry Dale French Sr.
Debbie French

College of Macabre - Larry & Debbie French
Romulan Orientation College - Gary "Tiny" Wayne Hollified
Cadet Romulan Orientation College- Jacob Taylor Hollified
College of Sci-Fi Cinema- Bill & Sharon Rowlette
STARFLEET Officers Leadership College - Scott A., Sr. & Christine Anderson
College of Treknology - Bill & Sharon Rowlette

2008 SFI Scholarship Recipients:

Armin Shimerman Scholarship for Profitable Business (Business Management)
Marie Adinolfi - USS Accord (R7)

DeForest Kelley/Leonard McCoy Medical Scholarship

no nominee
no nominee

James Doohan/Montgomery Scott Engineering Scholarship
James R. McLain - USS Tejas (R3)
Biochemical Engineering

Levar Burton Educational Scholarship
no nominee
no nominee

Space Exploration Memorial Scholarship
no nominee
no nominee



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